National Development Bank (NDB) Debenture issue is Oversubscribed

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National Development Bank (NDB) Announces that an issue of 50’000,000 Basel iii compliant – Tier 2 listed rated unsecured subordinated Redeemable debentures with a non – viability conversion (Debentures), at the par value of LKR 100/- each to raise LKR 5,000,000,000/- .

With the prevailing economic situation, investment avenues are narrows and Central Bank of Sri lanka also keep on reducing the interest rate in the market. Therefore the investors are looking forward to an attractive investments around.

Therefore, these kind of debentures issues are most welcome by investors and its quickly oversubscribe based on the confident level of the financial institution. The NDB Bank PLC announces their debenture issues has been oversubscribed.

Therefore, the issue would be Close at 4.30 PM of 5th December as per the prospectus.


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