Chemanex PLC announced Colombo Stoke Exchange, that the company pays Interim Dividend of Rs. 1 per share each.

The Dividend announcement is for the financial Year ended 2010/2011. The dividend will be paid 11th February 2011.

About Chemanex PLC

Chemanex PLC

Chemanex PLC

Chemanex PLC established in 1974 and quoted in the same year as well. The company is in the sector of Chemical & Pharmaceuticals.

The nature of business is manufacturing & marketing of Textile Auxiliaries, Pigments, Emulsions, Polythene and agro Based products; import Chemicals and Consignment sale agents.

My view

The company’s position been a good and steady prices and the variations are lower comparability. The company’s beat against the ASI and MPI is more than 1. That’s mean the company share is a good choice to be invest in.

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