The PC house PLC was a Bad Performer in Colombo Stoke Exchange in Previous Months; the Price of the share was reach Rs. 8.50 per share which issued at Rs.12 per Share [IPO].

The recent Performance of the PC house is pretty well according to the market Perceptions on the IT sectors and new Budget Proposal of Srilankan Government. Today 03.01.2011 share price is started from Rs 11.30 and reaches Rs 13.80 and finally closed the Day by Rs. 13.40 per share. [Please find the attach Picture, Snapshot from of]

PC House PLC market on 03.11.2011

PC House PLC market on 03.11.2011

As a common perception of the market the PC house having a probability of Reach Rs. 20 to Rs 25 in near future.

For a long time there is a good enough future to reach Rs. 50 per Share. Therefore this Investment is better for long term Perspective than the Short term Focus.

But whatever happens Colombo Stoke Exchange is trading with Predictions rather than the Performance. The best advice to the investors are to not to invest all their saving to the share market.

Final Conclusion

For Short term  – Yes, it’s good for immediate capital gains.

For Long term    – Yes, its’ depends on their Adoptability of IT sectors changes and Satisfaction of PC House Customers.

“Better Diversification, better the Life”

  • This is not a Person advice for anyone; it’s just an observation of the market.

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