CSE announced 10% Price Band to another 2 stokes in addition to PC House Voting share of PCH.N.0000.

Meaning of 10% Price band

The 10% Price band is where the Price of that Particular share can be Vary within the 10% of the Prices of Up or down for the day’s trading.

For example

 Today, PC House Price starts up with Rs.17.60 and the Price Increase by 10% from it and close the day by 19.30. And the price reduction also can be only within the limits of 10%.

 The new Price bands are applied for the Following Security or Stokes.

  1. Citrus Leisure PLC warrants 19 [REEF.W.0019]
  2. Laugfs Gas Limited Non Voting share [LGL.X.0000]
  3. PC house Voting share [PCH.N.0000]
 All of the above Stokes are recently Perform well in the market, but there is a bit question its self whether there is a manipulations in it.

As we see the Graphs which snap shot from the CSE website, its clear there is bit of manipulations happen continually.

But its duty of the respective shares to be proves that their Prices are correct according to the market.

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