Today 17th January 2011. Sierra Cables PLC announced Colombo Stoke Exchange, the board of Directors of Sierra Cables PLC has decided to Diversify. 


Further Company says they intention to invest in the hydro sector and looking a possibility of venturing into the Leisure sector as well.

New Developments

Further company said they have signed a MOU to supply of 2000Km of Ariel Bundle Cables (ABC) for the Iranian Funded Rural Electrification Project (RE-8). The value of the Project is about approximately Rs. 1 Billion.

 Today market and Future expectations

Sierra Cables PLC recently performs well in the market and it’s reaching the all time higher value of Rs.5.30. today the market starts with Rs. 4.70 and ends the day with Rs. 5.10.

Sierra Cables PLC

Sierra Cables PLC

The investors are expecting a definite share appreciation tomorrow due to this announcement. And the contact with Iranian Funded Rural Electrification Project (RE-8) will help Sierra Cables PLC to reaches the world class standards.

Source: http://www.cse.lk/cmt/uploadAnnounceFiles/3641295263885_685.pdf

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