Amana Takaful PLC

Amana Takaful PLC

Rights issue

Amana Takaful announced the Right issues of 1 new share for every 1 share held. The rights is worth of Rs.1.50 each.

Today’s announcement

Today 14th February 2011, in Colombo Stock Exchange published an announcement of following information

Provisional Allotment date: 18th March 2011.
Ex- rights Period (XR): 21st March 2011.
Dispatch of Provisional letter of allotment: 25th March 2011.
Rights trading commence on: 31st March 2011.
Renunciation: 07th April 2011.
Last date for Acceptance & Payment: 08th April 2011.

Future Expectation from Amana Takaful PLC

The Amana Takaful PLC primary objective of right issues to be meeting the increase capital requirement by regulator under its proposed capital plan and for the company’s future expansion strategies.

Amana Takaful PLC shows a better indicator to future development. Therefore the investors are looking forward to enjoying better capital gain further than their expectation, cause of their development procedures focuses by the Amana Takaful PLC.


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