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Hezbollah: Bayangarathin Mugavari is a Tamil Book published by the Kizhakku Publication. It’s a wonderful book to read and understand about Hezbollah.

Hezbollah front Page

Hezbollah front Page

Accidently I got this book 2 years ago in Town Hall Public Library, it was an amazing book to read and understand how they build up their networks and the administrations.

Few days ago I found this book again in Kotahena Public Library, I taken again to read. I think it’s better to publish the Book Review as well.

About the Book

The Hezbollah: Bayangarathin Mugavari made me more understandable and I personally learn a lot about the Hezbollah. Especially the writer Pa.Raghavan is grate to make readers to be more interesting in their subject.

The book is talk about,

  • How Hezbollah starts,
  • How they build up their activities,
  • How they form a arm group,
  • How their international network is,
  • How educated their heads are,
  • How they administrate their group,
  • How they support to Lebanon Government,
  • How Lebanon government is respect them,
  • Their view of Israel,
  •  How they starts fighting with Israel,
  • How they plan their activities.
Hezbollah's Administration

Hezbollah's Administration

This book is real management book to read, as per my perspective the business is a real war or game. Therefore who is the one fight with the business will success and enjoy the profits.

Therefore I personally feel Hezbollah: Bayangarathin Mugavari will be a great management books to read.

The same time it does educate more about the international terrorism and how they developed their standard up to that level.

For me

This Hezbollah: Bayangarathin Mugavari is a great opportunity for me to understand about Hezbollah, and their international activities.

Lebanon Map and Hezbollah control Area

Lebanon Map and Hezbollah control Area

And its educate more about the management skill such as,

  • Delegation of works,
  • Important of group activities,
  • How to manage a team,
  • How to attract public,
  • How to developed organization,
  • How to organized a event,
  • how they developed strategy with government,
  • How to get support from the public.

It’s a real a good books to read for India Rupees 60 or Srilanka Rupees 225 Or free of charge from Public Library.


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