Day of Red

March 8, 2011

cse today

cse today


Today Colombo Stock Exchange indicate in red, which most of the Companies shares prices are contribute as negative. Almost 153 contributors are contributing negatively and only 37 Contributors are Contribute positively.

Cause of the negative influence of All share Price Index [API] and Milanka Price index [MPI] depreciate by 1.8% and 1.18% respectively.

IndexTodayYesterdayChange% change


My personal View

I personally believe the CSE is in the correction time, because most of the contributors are indicating negative sign, and both the Price indexes are continually becomes negative contributor.

Therefore I believe this may be the best time to invest than selling. Whatever it is Colombo Stock Exchange is one of the best performing Market In the world.

This is the time for Buy shares and holding for medium term and enjoys capital gains and dividends.


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