Bangalore Fort

April 23, 2011

Bangalore Fort Indication Board

Bangalore Fort Indication Board

About my Trip

I personally attracted by the construction procedures of the Bangalore fort, when I visit to the Bangalore Fort I didn’t know much detail about it,

But after I reach home, I just search in the Google and found some interesting details about it.

This information’s makes me to joy that I have been esteem historical places in India, valued my Trip.

About Bangalore Fort

Bangalore Fort Delhi Gate

Bangalore Fort Delhi Gate

The current Bangalore Fort is where a Part of the fort in the initial built Bangalore Fort, the Bangalore Fort is built by the Vijaynagar Empire Kempe Gowda.

In1963 the Bijapur Sultan’s Army and the Shahji Bhonsle defect the Kempe Gowda III and Shahji Bhonsle rule Bangalore with grant.

In 1687 the Mysore King Chikka Deveraja Wodeyar brought Bangalore for Rs.300, 000.

The Bangalore Fort is developed by the Hyder Ali (Father of Sultan and Commander in Chief of Mysore Army).

The Bangalore Fort faces so many battles and military actions in Tipu Sultan Periods. After Tipu Sultan killed on 1799, the Diwan of Tipu becomes prime minister of Mysore in 1802.

Bangalore Fort Delhi Gate

Bangalore Fort Delhi Gate

In 1811 the British move their capital to Srirangapatanam to Bangalore, the Bangalore Fort were used as the Quarters for the British troops and main Ammunition supply stores. In 1831 British took Tipu sultan Summer Palace as the Public offices

Bangalore Fort side View

Bangalore Fort side View

In the same time the British built the Hospitals near to the Bangalore Fort, still there are some hospitals available there which are built by the British.

In 1888 Bangalore Fort was handover to the civil administration authority.

Gets up Indian

With after all such incident and still the Bangalore Fort is be strengthen to show Indians I faced everything for you.

Please developed our nation soon and leave me to take rest.

What we can see now?

greenly inside the Bangalore Fort

greenly inside the Bangalore Fort

Currently there is a limited space will be allowed to see, but still the Bangalore Fort looks amazing and indicated the Tipu Sultans name to Indian.

But most of the Indians are don’t know where is Bangalore Fort is, because most of them are not care History.

Way to go Bangalore Fort

Bangalore Fort wall Design

Bangalore Fort wall Design

This is also near to the Bangalore City Market, from the Market will take about 3 Minutes walking distance. When you going to Tipu Sultan Palace you can see there is a big fort, which will be the Bangalore Fort.

My personal experience

Initially I didn’t notice in the website about the Bangalore Fort, but when I go to the Tipu Sultan palace, there was the fort, once I see that, I thought the Fort may be the Tipu Sultan Palace, but when I read outside the Fort its Indicate that’s a Bangalore Fort.

So I went to Tipu Sultan Summer palace, and when I coming back from Sultan Summer Palace the Bangalore Fort was open, so I had a good change to inside and see the fort.

I personally shock how they developed the fort like this, if we think this is a small part remain what the Hyder Ali Built, imagine about the Original Bangalore Fort.

Bangalore Fort wall

Bangalore Fort wall

About Indian and the Power

Indians are grate in the power but still they don’t understand their position and their actual power. When the Indian are looking for the Future of India than only India will achieve what Dr.Abdul Kalam imagines or Dreaming.

Don’t let Dr.Abdul Kalam to be dreamer, please perform bit.

Information about the Bangalore Fort:

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