PC House

PC House

Today Colombo Stock Exchange was more attractively Sell or Buy PC House shares. The PC House PLC shares were one of the best trading shares one month ago.

The PC House PLC starts the trading at the price of Rs.17.20 per share and closed the day at the price of Rs.19.50 per share. And the close ASK price was an Rs.20.20 per share.

In overall 6, 208, 700 shares have been traded today with turnover of Rs.11, 988, 080.00. The Number of shares traded today is 0.17% of the Total Market capitalization of the PC House.

I personally believe the PC House may start the rally again in Colombo Stock Exchange. The shareholders, who involve with the PC House Buy and sell better to analysis and take Buy or sell Decisions.

Source: http://www.cse.lk/companyprofile/home.htm?id=1602

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