the Rule of Management Tamil version front page

the Rule of Management Tamil version front page

How it’s Reaches me

On 3rd July 2011, I had a chance to go visit Kotahena public library. I used to borrow books from there. By suffer the Tamil books I got to see a book headed நிர்வாக விதிகள், the books front page was very attractive theme word of “A Definitive Code for Managerial Success”.

the Rule of Management Tamil version Back Cover

the Rule of Management Tamil version Back Cover

Because of the front page attraction I borrow the book, and the librarian gave permission to borrow that for 2 weeks times. After I reach home I couldn’t able to read that book for few days, after some days I read that book while I go to my office. It seems to be good time utilization and I feel happy to remember all other rule when I read a new rule in the book.

In a 2 weeks time I was able to read only half of the books but I felt the book is a real value addition to me. So I went to library again and renewal for another 2 weeks and finished reading by yesterday.

About The Rules of Management by Richard Templar – Tamil Translation Book Review

Again a good book is published by the கிழக்கு Publications (New Horizon Media Pvt Ltd.) the book is translated by R.P. Sarathy. The book is containing 100 Managerial Rules to be Successful Manager in corporate sector.

The first 34 Rules are discussed about “how to Manage team (Staffs)” and Balance 66 Rules are about “How to Manage yourselves”.

Even I am working as a middle level management, therefore I feel these are not only for the real managers, these rules are very useful to the Ordinary unskilled labour as well. Because I felt, if a unskilled Labour react according to the way it’s suggest he will be improve his Personality into a Managerial level; soon he finished this books.

When I read this book; I personally question my selves whether am I am following what he says? To frankly say I am only about half of that says. But after read this book I convert that into 99.99% causes its change a lot my personality in official works and corporate business.

I really enjoy the sentence of  the author says “keep this book as secrete and not allow anyone to read this, than only you can be one step ahead than others.” In frankly says this is a real corporate word to says because everyone try to be smart and be supreme their work place, but the good thing is suggest this book to others and behave as it says; than others followers.

Than we have a real competitive advantage. Therefore I suggest these books to all corporate businessmen’s and all Employees who like to improve their PR.


As a conclusion I would like to say thanks to New Horizon Media Pvt Ltd to translate good books into Tamil to improve Tamils Personality Skills. And I suggest any of book lovers to buy this book at a good price.

For more information can obtain the online purchase from

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