Expolanka Holdings PLC Interim Report of 30th June 2011

Expolanka Holdings PLC Interim Report of 30th June 2011


The Expo lanka Holdings PLC published their 3 months ended interim report on 3rd August 2011 into the Colombo Stock Exchange.

Financial review of Expolanka Holdings PLC

The Performance of Expo lanka Holdings PLC

As per the Consolidated Company performance the company has recorded a minor growth than last year same quarter. The Revenue and the Gross profit have dropped by 23.63% and 8.17% respectively.

Even through the net profit for the period indicate a positive sing of 12.28% increment from the last year same quarter. These cause of the reduction in admin expenses and the selling and distribution expenses.

The finance cost has been reducing by 40.53% cause of the resettlement of the barrowings of Rs. 76.313 Millions.

While the profits rose because of the reduction of Admin and selling and distribution cost, the Expolanka holdings may have problems in future about the Customer care service and the Brand promotions of Expo Products and services due to less allocation of Sells and Distribution.

Last year ended 31st March 2011 Basic Earnings Per share:


 30th June 2010 Basic Earnings Per share (for 3 Month):


30th June 2011 Basic Earnings Per share (for 3 Month):



The Positioning of Expolanka Holdings PLC

The consolidated balance sheet is where indicate the improvement of Investment from the last year ended 31st March 2011. And the IPO investment has some change in the consolidated Balance as a New Investment in Non Current Assets and other investments in the Current Assets.

Therefore the company can expect other incomes are more than the Operational income of Expolanka Holdings due the Investments (Short term and Long term).

Cash Managements

The cash Management is where the indicating a good control in Cash Management and the most of the cash outflows are creates wealth to the Company therefore the future developments can be expects from the investment and other category.

 Net Assets Per share:

31st March 2011Rs. 2.91
30th June 2010Rs. 2.30
30th June 2011Rs.4.00


Expolanka Holdings PLC interim Financial Statement:                http://www.cse.lk/cmt/upload_report_file/1066_1312364754957.pdf

Source: www.cse.lk

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