Nations Trust Bank PLC

Nations Trust Bank PLC

4th August 2011, the NTB PLC published their Interim Financial statement of second quarter of 2011. The company has published the comparison of Position and performance of the last Half year and the second quarter of 2011.

Financial review

The Performance

The performance of the company is was quite a good even the bank was not able to improved their gross income (-2%) and its indicated the Net interest income as Rs.2.01 Billion compare to Rs. 2.08 Billion in 1st Half of 2010.

The bank was able to indicate positive operating profits due to the Non Interest income such as Foreign Exchange gains and other operating profits and the bank was write back value of Rs. 72.398 Million which was a Provision in Rs.211.964 Million in first half in 2010.

Due to the unusual gains the bank was able to show profits of first half as Rs.659.815 Million. This is a 49% more than the first half profits of 2010.

The Earning per Share noted as basic as Rs. 2.98 and the Diluted as Rs. 2.93.

The Position

The bank position is where the positive contribution towards the Cash management and the other relative position tools.

The Future Problems

The Nation Trust Bank PLC is indicate best performance in the Foreign exchange gain and other income therefore the bank should be make sure to create a positive income from Interest income in future.


Interim Financial statement:

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