Hayleys PLC

Hayleys PLC

2nd September 2011, the Hayleys PLC made an announcement to Colombo Stock Exchange the company has made a Mandatory offer to buy all the remaining Ordinary Shares of Amaya Leisure PLC.

Hayley PLC

The Hayleys PLC is a one of the large multination Business organization in Srilanka with the history of 133 Years. The company in the business of

  • Global Market & Manufacturing
  • Agriculture & Plantation
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Leisure & Aviation
  • Consumer Products
  • Power & Energy
  • Investment & Service

The Mandatory Offer

The Mandatory offer is where the buy the Remaining 49% Ordinary shares of 23,536,777 at the price of Rs.107.00 each.

The Hayleys PLC and its Group of Companies acquire the 51% of Amaya leisure PLC Ordinary Voting shares of 24,497,461 at the price of Rs. 107.00 each.

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