Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Front View

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Front View


The Rich Dad Poor Dad is a Self Development and Financial Intelligent Book to Understand the Personal Fund Management and Emerge the Ability to be Rich.

The Book is basically telling “what the Rich Teach their Kids about Money and that the Poor and Middle Class Do not. The Author of Rich Dad (One of His Friend Dad) Poor Dad had (His own dad) an experience of Having Rich Dad and Poor Dad.

The Rich Dad Poor Dad is more suited to “Who is willing to Be Rich and how want to manage their Assets Colum Better.”

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Contents

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Contents

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Review

The Rich Dad Poor Dad Contents 10 Chapters and with Mainly 6 Lessons. Such as

Chapter 1            Rich Dad Poor Dad

Chapter 2            Lesson One – The Rich Don’t Work for Money

Chapter 3            Lesson Two – Why Teach Financial Literacy

Chapter 4            Lesson Three – Mind Your Own Business

Chapter 5            Lesson Four – the History of Taxes and the Power of Corporations

Chapter 6            Lesson Five – The Rich Invent Money

Chapter 7            Lesson Six – Work to Learn – Don’t Work for Money.

Chapter 8            Overcoming Obstacles

Chapter 9            Getting Started

Chapter 10          Still want More?

Epilogue               College Education for $ 7,000

I have Read So many Management and Self Development books which is always repeating how to manage Business and How to Manage Cashfolws, But this Rich Dad Poor Dad have create me to Understand the Real Financial Literacy to Be a Rich.

To Whom Its Suited

The Rich Dad Poor Dad is a Suited only a Person who would like to Be Rich and Willing to Learn Financial Literacy.

About the Lessons of Rich Dad Poor Dad

Each lesson of Rich Dad Poor Dad is Meaningful and Value adds to the Reader to Implement His or Her Own Financial Management.

In Every Lesson the Author has decided what to Tell and How to tell to the Reader, and He Suggest his all the arguments in the Positive way.

My Suggestions

Fortunately I brought this Book in India in My own Money. So I can give all my Friends to read this and Get something Out of this.

This is Book is Useful if you plan to Self Finance your Self and Want to be rich, if you read this book for a Fun, better you avoid this book, course this is not a Fun.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Back Veiw

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Back Veiw

All the very best to the Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon L.Lechter C.P.A

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