Geely by Micro MX7 Mark II for Rs. 2,190,000.00 (including Vat)

Geely by Micro MX7 Mark II for Rs. 2,175,000.00 (a;; inclusive)

Macro Holdings (Pte) Limited Offers a New Geely Micro MX7 Mark II at affordable Price of Rs. 2,175,000.00. (all Inclusive). 

Geely by Micro MX7 Mark II for Rs. 2,190,000.00 (including Vat)

Geely by Micro MX7 Mark II for Rs. 2,175,000.00 (all Inclusive)

Features of Geely by Micro MX7 Mark II

  • 1500 CC Engine
  • ABS + EBD with load sensing Value
  • Driver Side Air Bags
  • Crome Plated inner / outer handle
  • Power Steering
  • Remote Central Locking
  • Front Seat Belt (Height Adjustable)
  • Power Windows
  • Radio/ CD/MP3 Player
  • Rear Seat Belt (for Passenger)
  • Power Mirrors
  • 15” Alloy Wheels

for more information see above image for more information

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  • dananjaya says:

    call me 077 4954692

  • Thilina Gardiarachchi says:

    can you please tell us the fuel consumption……

  • මම mx7 make11 කාර් ගන්න බලාෙපාෙරාත්තු ෙවනවා ඒත් හැෙමා්ම ඒපා කියනවා ඒය ප්‍රස්නයක්……………

  • heshan says:

    car eka nam patta..mama aran awuruddak wenawa kisi awulak na….baya nathuwa ganna..danma order karanna.nathnam waiting list eke inna ooni 8 months witara…ekenma therenawane car ekata thiyena illuma…..

  • thanx මම මුදල් බැන්දා ඇනවුම් කලා කැලනියට මුදල් බැන්දේ. බැලුව කාරය හොදයි ආසාවෙන් බලාගන ඉන්නේ ලැබෙනකන් මාව දිරිමත් කල හැමෝටම ස්තූතියි…..එවගේම micro ආයතනට ස්තුති කරනවා ඔව්න් හරිම කාරැනිකයි…….

  • kaushal says:

    ane matath GEELY ekak oneee…..

  • nishal says:

    Kohedida mata me car eka balanna puluwan wenne?

  • anil nawagamuwa says:

    micro mx7 mark 11 is good.nice car..i like it.i also per..this car.

  • Nuwan says:

    I want Buy a Geelly. how can i do it?? can you send all details for my email?? how is petrol consumtion @ Geely..

    thank soo

  • Amila says:

    what about the second hand market

  • anil says:

    I also want to buy an MX 7.

    When I checked with few owners they said after sales service was very poor and most of the vehicles have faced heating problems.I checked( second hand )3x cars personally .2011, 2012and 2013 registered cars. All three vehicles only had water in the radiators instead of coolant due to heating problems, they said. So now I have a doubt.

    Have you identified this trouble?

    Is it a commen problem.?


  • hirosha Karunanayake says:

    Kindly let me know what would be the down payment for a geely MX7 Mark 2. With a lease of 3 years. i am hoping to buy one. kindly help me with this please.

    thx & Rgds

  • Abilash gamage says:

    hi,, i like to by this car and i want to know if i pay the money how long i have to wait,,

  • amal says:

    hi…i dont have (even basic) knowledge on cars..pls tell me is this car -MX7 Mark II- has manual gear or auto gear…?

  • manoj says:

    i want mx 7 mark 2.can i know theprice and its energy consumption,how long have i to wait

  • ishanka says:

    how is the price update in 2015 of micro geely mx7??

  • manju says:

    I wanna buy a micro geely 2. plc. . give me all of information Tnx

  • Asela says:

    Is there a waiting period for order this and What will be the waiting period. What is the minimum payment to be done to order this car?

  • i wont buy micro mx7 car so I wont take full leacing please can you arrange that one. Iam woeking in abudhabi. immidiatly iwont buy car for a Tourism. can you sed to me details.
    THANKS Iam janaka..

    • Prasanna says:

      Dear Janaka,
      you can’t buy a car at 100% leasing, some leasing company required you to pay minimum of 20% to 35% of the price as downpayment. if you wish i will share your details to any leasing company.


  • Ishanka says:

    I called to Micro kalaniya branch yesterday. and i asked them for order a mx7 mark II car. then they told me the micro company told them to don’t take orders for that car. i asked the reason and they told me a new version is ready to released and that’s the reason for that. i want to know is that true? why don’t you advertise about that?? how much it cost? how long it should go for release that?? how long should i wait for my mx7 mark II?? please tell me it’s true or what’s going on realy???? 🙁

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