Sanasa Development Bank Leasing Option

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Sanasa Development Bank brought you a special 7 Years leasing option for your hybrid and electric vehicles with a better leasing values.

If you thought of buying Hybrid vehicles you can pay down payment of 30% and Balance 70% will source by Sanasa Development Bank Leasing and if you consider Electric Vehicle Pay 10% of the value as down payment and balance 90% could be source by Sanasa Development Bank Leasing.

SDB Leasing is a leasing facility for vehicles, equipment and machinery. SDB Leasing is an efficient, friendly service offering flexibility and competitive rates.

Features and Benefits

  • Efficient and trouble-free service
  • Minimum documents required
  • Flexible repayment choices with reasonable rates
  • Packages to suit individual customer requirements
  • Attractive discounts on premature settlements of facilities
  • Facilities to purchase machinery / equipment to grow your business
  • Island wide branch network



Sri Lankan citizens over 18 years of age who have the repayment capacity and meets the SDB credit criteria.


Types of Vehicles/ Equipment

  • Luxury Vehicles
  • Dual purpose vans & coaches
  • Commercial vehicles – Lorries, Tippers, Trucks
  • Personal use vehicles – Cars, Jeeps, Cabs, Motor Bikes, Three Wheelers
  • Agricultural – Hand tractors, Harvester machines and Four wheel tractors

Documents Required

Minimum documentation required based on applicant’s individual requirement

Term (Repayment Period)

Choice of your own repayment period

for more details visit the nearest SDB branch together with the duly filled Account Opening Mandate and the relevant supporting documents


Contact your nearest SDB branch or Call 0115 411 411 or see below image

Sanasa Development Bank Leasing Option

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