Micro PANDA Cross for Rs. 1,825,000/- all inclusive, Specific Features and Specifications – Updated February 2015

Micro PANDA Cross for Rs. 1,840,000.00
Micro PANDA Cross for Rs. 1,825,000.00 – updated 2015

The Micro Holdings Introduce the Micro Panda Cross powered by GEELY by MICRO. The Micro Holdings is a Srilankan 2nd Vehicle Manufacture with the International Automobile Industries.

The Micro the Micro Panda Cross for Rs. 1,825,000.00 all inclusive and  3 Years or 100,000 Km Warranty.

Features of Micro PANDA Cross

  • 1300cc, 4 cylinders, MPFI Petrol Engine
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmissions
  • ABS / EBD
  • Dual Air Bags
  • 15” Alloy Wheels


Suitability of Micro PANDA Cross to Srilanka

The Micro holding is the one of the pioneer automobile manufacture of Srilanka with collaboration with the international brands.

The Micro holdings offer wide range of automobile to suit to Srilanka Environment.

For more information, click the picture above or contact to Micro on 011 2 695 056/8


39 thoughts on “Micro PANDA Cross for Rs. 1,825,000/- all inclusive, Specific Features and Specifications – Updated February 2015”

  1. Today panda cross new price is 19.95 with tax , today i went micro shwroom at matara , so NEW Micro PANDA model with VVT engin 1000cc , new model panda price is 16.10 with tax ..
    So what about Micro panda New 1000 cc VVT engin.
    Pls reply and help me
    Thank u

  2. Thank u Mr.Prasanna ..
    New panda is good but sum options are not in with new Car (Rear wiper,Rear doorforster ..) and How it is ground clearance..
    is it same as previous version ..?

  3. Tell you the truth CAR performance are really good. Its a good car. But I cannot recommend the customer service they provided. Customer Service is really really bad.

    Customer service is suck……I have no words to tell about their service, such freaks are there in micro. I have ordered a panda 4 months back and still they didn’t delivered it to me and every day they are lying lying……Blady buggers…..!
    If u can wait till 7 or 8 months its okay . B4 u can’t Never get Your car. Other wise u can buy low millage Panda car as 2nd owner. That beater than this. But car is Good and full compact.

    My full payment also already done last year (2012) December 13 , But still couldn’t got it… So sad ………!!!! Today they said
    before 25 of January. Car is Good But Customer Service NOT Good , Not After sales services , b4 sales Also Very v ..v BAD. (Dan balagena idalama epa wela , me duka tawath kenekuta wenna epaaaa…… Dan nam car epaaaaa..)

  4. Iam also bought Panda cross car last februay.Car is good But there are services are very bad.When I drive off road Bad noice coming from strearing rack.In this case I went to company wedamulla.But customer service is suck. After that I wrote a letter to Chairman of Micro Co. But no reply. my problem is not settled yet. mona karannada ..bedagattha bere gahanawa.

    1. Hi .. i willing buy Panda cross .. can i know your experience with it ?

      there many bad and good command all over the internet . please give me some advice .


      1. Dear Yohan,

        the Car is Quite good for Personal Used, but Micro Service is not Good.
        most of the Bad comments are because of the After Sales Services and Delivery Time only,
        but car is Good for Srilankan Usage,


  5. Hi, much appreciate if you could send me the following details of the Micro Panda Cross.

    Manufactured country-
    What is the linkage with the China-
    Are there any Chinese parts included in the car-

  6. dear sir,
    I am appreciate about micro company and honorable president mahinda. ps I like to buy one of good car so future I lke to use for the hospitality service (tourism ) if you can recommend one of those car ps let me know my fb lakmal prasad/1983@hotmail.com
    best regards

    1. Dear Lakmal,

      Micro is good car, i wish you should buy car on your target tourist,
      if your targeting budget tourism tourist than go for like Micro Panda or small cars,

      if you looks for luxury type of service go for some better cars available with micro,


  7. micro panda car good vhicale api ape de agaya karanna ona mama hamotama kiyanne boruwata loku mudal viyadam karala pitarata vhicale walata amaruwe watenna apa kiyala micro car 3yers wagakimak dennevhicale aka hodanisa kiyana aka ape mati harakta terenne akai aththa kathawa.

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