The Sri Lanka Invites Sri Lanka Development Bonds in 2012 till 17th September 2012, the Sri Lanka Development Bonds are the sources to make an immediate investment in the country  development to obtain future benefits with adequate investment.

Issuer:Domestic Republic of Sri Lanka
Size & Tenure :USD 60 Million of 3 Years
Issuance:Auction Based
Interest rate:6 Month LIBOR for USD + Margin through competitive bidding
Interest Payment:Semi – Annual
Minimum Investment:USD 100,000 & in Multiples of USD 10,000
Transferability:By endorsement, Delivery and Registration
Tax:Exempted from Income tax paid in Sri Lanka
Issuing office:Public Debt Department, Central Bank of Sri Lanka
Designated Agent:Selected Licensed Commercial bank, Primary Dealers to Purchase bond
Paying Agent:Bank of Ceylon
Governing law:Law of Srilanka.


See below image for Designated Agents


Sri Lanka Development Bonds 2012 Calls

Sri Lanka Development Bonds 2012 Calls

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