Srilanka towards Success – 2013 Budget Proposals Quick Review

Srilanka towards Success – 2013 Budget Proposals Quick Review

President Mahinda Rajapaksa submitted the Srilanka Government 2013 Budget to Srilanka Parliament as the Minister of Finance.

Key Budget Proposals are

Budget and Fulfillment of Education Sector Needs

The budget is allocating 4.1% of the GDP for the Education Sector which is Rs. 306 Billion towards to improve the educational sector demands. This is lead to satisfy the improvement of Educational quality of Universities and Secondary Education.

Rs. 1 Billion for Housing loan Scheme for Security forces personal

Rs. 1000 Million allocate for 3 years rehabilitation programme to improve housing condition of families in Security forces.

950 Million For Police Development

Rs. 950 Million were allocated for 2013 for develop its academy for training and human resource development and rehabilitation and construction of Police Stations.

USD 4000 per capita Income by 2016

Srilanka is looking forward to achieve USD 4,000 Per Capital income by 2016 to be Upper Middle Income country.

Reach Investment level to 35% of GDP

The Srilanka towards to achieve gradual increase in Investment level in 35% of GDP.

Total Exports and Imports improvements

The total export earning has reduce by USD 0.6 Billion (USD 9.50 Billion to USD 10.1 Billion in Last year) and Total Imports also reduced by USD 1.5 Billion from last year (USD 20 Billion to USD 18.50 Billion)

Maintain foreign reserve as USD 7 Billion

The Government aim to maintain USD 7 Billion as a Foreign Reserve and stabilize the foreign exchange market.

Maintain Budget Deficit lower on GDP and lead Positive

The Government is looking forward to maintain their deficit under the GDP growth and reduce the gaps for long term.

Rs. 500 Million on National Reconciliation

The Government willing to Spend Rs. 500 Million on national integration and improvement and promotion of trilingual Srilanka, Social integration programme, Rehabilitation of Ex combatants and all national integration process.

Rs. 200 Million on Family, Religion and Cultural improvements

The Government supports to improve the Family, Religion and Cultural improvements and maintain empowered the family valued with Rs. 200 Million.

A Poverty Free Srilanka

The government in improved process on reduces and achieves Poverty free Srilanka; in 2012 Srilanka indicated 8.9% as Poverty.

Free Health food and Pair of Shoes for School Children

The Government proposed to give Cereal, Milk and Eggs for Free of Charge to isolated rural area, and looking forward to give pair of shoes too.

Rs. 1,500 Million to be Poverty Free Srilanka in 2016

The Government looks forward to invest Rs. 1,500 Million to intensify poverty reduction initiatives targeting remain poor.

Attractive to Foreign Investment

The Government looking for the foreign and local investment on the Post cities, Nano parks and IT Parks and encourage doing business.

Improvement of Foreign Currency management

ExportUSD 15 Billion
ImportsUSD 18 Billion
TourismUSD 2.5 Billion
RemittanceUSD 10 Billion


Rs. 500 Million on Green Environment

The government willing to invest on Rs. 500 Million in 2013 and Rs. 1,500 Million to be utilized over 3 Years to expand the forest coverage to 35% of land to targeting 250,00 Hectares in island wide.


And for more information from the Srilanka Ministry of Finance , Click Here to see Details of Budget Proposal 2013

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