The Softrings Phone Company (Pvt) Ltd is offering exclusively on the Alcatel Mobiles in Srilanka. The Alcatel Mobiles is a phone one of the affordable mobile for Srilanka wide population with latest technologies.

Alcatel Mobiles Models and Prices

Alcatel OT-217DRs. 2,990.00
Alcatel OT-318DRs. 4,290.00
Alcatel OT-506DRs. 5,790.00
Alcatel OT-585DFRs. 6,690.00
Alcatel OT-595DRs. 8,790.00
Alcatel OT-602DRs. 7,490.00
Alcatel OT-632DRs. 6,990.00
Alcatel OT-810DRs. 11,490.00
Alcatel OT-918NRs. 20,990.00
Alcatel OT-985Rs. 21,990.00
Alcatel OT-995Rs. 45,990.00
Alcatel 230E DongleRs. 4,490.00


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Alcatel Mobiles in Srilanka

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