Vijitha Yapa Book Shop announces the special discounts for the selected books from the new arrivals of following list.

  1. Birds of Srilanka
  2. French in your pocket
  3. Living Corals
  4. Joanna Hall the Exercise Bible
  5. Dictionary of Physics Patric Adams
  6. Oxford English –English – Tamil Dictionary
  7. D C Books English – English – Tamil Dictionary
  8. Practical Financial Management
  9. Art craft Structures – David j Peery
  10. Tropical Desserts
  11. The Count of the Monte Cristo
  12. Ocean
  13. Vedic Mathematics


See below image for more information or call Vijitha Yapa Book Shop on 011 2596 960

Vijitha Yapa Book Shop – January 2013 Sales

Vijitha Yapa Book Shop – January 2013 Sales

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