Cabin Crew Courses in Sri Lanka by International Airline Ticketing Academy

The International Airline Ticketing Academy a 22 years experience on Cabin Crew Course provider in Srilanka, invites applications for the Cabin Crew Courses in Srilanka.

Airline Cabin Crew Course

Course Commencement: January, May and September Every Year
Duration: 3 Months
Course Fee: Rs. 20,000.00 (Payable in 2 Instalments)


the students who followed this course are working in Leading airlines of Srilankan Airlines, emirates, Singapore Airlines and Many More.

Contact Mr.Deepal Perera for More information and Registration Process on 0777 33 11 50

Diploma in Airline

The programme consists of Fares and e-ticketing, Reservations, Marketing, GDS-Amadeus, Airport Operations and Air Cargo.

Duration: 3 Months
Course Fee: Rs. 20,000.00 (Payable in 2 Instalments)


Degree Programmes

IATA/UFTAA Foundation

Duration: 2 years
Course Fee: Rs. 1,10,000.00


IATA GDS-Fares and Ticketing Course

Duration: 2 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 60,000.00


the Academy  is range as top 10 South Asia IATA Training Centre for 2011 and 2012. For More information contact to Mr.Deepal Perera on 0777 33 11 50 or visit to

International Airline Ticketing Academy
11, 4th Floor,
Arthur’s Place,
Colombo 04.

for more information see below image


Cabin Crew Courses in Sri Lanka by International Airline Ticketing Academy
Cabin Crew Courses in Sri Lanka by International Airline Ticketing Academy


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121 thoughts on “Cabin Crew Courses in Sri Lanka by International Airline Ticketing Academy”

      1. Do you’ll have vacancies for flight attendants (cabin crew)?? Because i would like to join srilankan airlines..if you’ll have any vacancies how can i apply ? Please let me know

  1. im just 16 years old,i like to be a air hostess in iraq or any other muslim countries,i donno what are the qualifications should be there to be a air hostess,i have just finishes my o/l is it enough or not,or can i do any courses to be an air hostess

    1. Where ever the country requirement will be same other than their dressing code, i am sure this course will help for your learning, when you search a jobs, you can search on Muslim Countries,


  2. i am informed that the classes will be held on Saturday.i need to know the following,
    minimum qualifications
    dress code

  3. i want to join emirates air lines. so wat are the courses i should follow nd i want to knw if i do these course definitely can i get a job.. plz respond

  4. i want to join emirates air lines… what are the courses do i have to follow… and if i complete these courses can i definitely get a job.. plz respond . thanks

  5. iam interest in airline cabin crew training.. how can i join with u& i dont no what are the qualification should be theire to be a cabin crew training… what should iam do…

  6. i would like to follw a management caurse in airlanka, can you inform about that courses and what are the qualifications for that

  7. hi..i want to b an airhostess in srilankan airlines,im doing a/l this year august..just after a/l i want to earn money so can you give me details about training days for this course

  8. I would like to join with the course of Airline cabin crew .may I know when the new batch will be commencement.

  9. I also need to join with the corse of aire line cabin crew.can i know what are the qualifications should i have.and how can i join with u.plzz…reply me soon


    Are you ready with a professional air hostess CV?

    Get ready to face your interview and start your dream job…

    Secrets on..

    * How to prepare a winning CV…
    * How to get ready for your air hostess interview…
    * How to look smart at your interview to be selected as cabin crew..
    * Target questions at your interview..

    Practice (mock) interviews..


  11. hi..I would like 2 be a airhostes in srilankan airlines.i have faced to a/ls.but no 3 passed.i have passed generel englis what should i have to fullfill to be an airhoster?

    1. Dear Asintha Lakmini,

      none of job based on the education of only on AL Result, you try to do some cabin crew courses in Srilankan airline or Deepal Perera, surely your personality change would help you to find a job,

      all the best,


        1. Dear Shenali,

          Mr.Deepal Perera offers good programme with details on his experience and job is guarantee because of his personal contacts.
          but in Srilankan Airline you will get a reputed Organisation Certification, but they were not offer you a job opportunity because you study with them

          Hope its Clear,


  12. hi!i would like 2 become an air hostess.. i did A/L exams last august 2014..and i have passed the exam. but i don’t know what do become an air hostess.. plz reply soon.. are they calling interviews now??

    1. Hi Kasunpa,
      Air Hostess job is depend on your personalliy, basically there are few course providers in Sri Lanka, Mr. Deepal Perera and Sri Lankan Air Lines.

      Both are good places to follow, but Sri Lankan Airline won’t give Air Hostess job because you study with them, but Mr. Deepal perera use to help his students to find jobs with his personal contacts.


  13. hello..,
    im usman ,i finished my GCE OL last year i have pass in 5 subject with 3crdt pss and im skinny as well
    can i do this cabin crew course??

  14. Hey. Dont u have any courses in kandy. Arent u planing on helding courses in kandy in nr future? since as i know theres alot of people who wants to be an air hotess in kandy but has no proper oppurtunities.

  15. hi i did my a/l in last year i really like to be a air hostress .is that cls only held on colombo? bcz i live in kurunegala .and i really want to know what is the tikerting cource pls…

  16. So I try to lot of time to Sri Lankan and other air ways ,still I have to Sri Lankan air force aircraft engineering maintenance licenses and fighting aircraft maintenance experience ,and cargo Airbus ,passagers Airbus experience with safety and tech
    Please be helpful to my self ,applied for aircraft maintenance or ground safety department or any aircraft filed job
    My tp 0784967039/0784967038

  17. hi..myself rukshana. i’m just in 21 years old..i have passed my o/l’s with 4A,2B&3C and unfortunately i got 2 passes only in a/l.but,i have C for General English and A for GIT.i’m eager to follow IATA cabin crew course and i would like to be a cabin crew someday.what are the qualifications i should have to follow this course?can i do this?

  18. What are the requirements needs to be an air hosts?
    cabin crew course is enough or not
    or can we do any courses to be an air hosts?
    i want to know that details..
    please response me..Thanks

    1. Dear Rukshana,

      Mainly Cabin Crew Courses is enough for the Cabin Crew Job, but having extra qualification like languages and first aid learning would help your perform the task better,


  19. I am 19 years old and i would like to join with you as cabin crew member.but no idea what to do first? should i follow the cabin crew training course or the diploma? what is the difference between following two of this?

    1. in reality there is no such requirement for enrolling as cabin crew member, but these programmes are develop to improve your knowdlage and PR skills to be cabin crew members.

  20. Hey….i would love to do this course……so are you sure that after finishing this can i get a job from an airline…..

  21. I have 9 passes for GCE O/L exam and i have B pass for English and i have credit pass for french and simple pass for English literature .I’m doing languages for A/L i would like to know the above qualifications are enough to be an air hosster

  22. Hello,
    Im 19 years old. I have passed in all the 9 subjects with an A pass for English and English literature. Now I’m doing languages along with French for my A/L’s. I want to know if I can get the job for sure as a cabin crew member with the help of Mr.deepal?

    1. Yes Normally Deepal Perera Helping for job opportunity too, your more capable for cabin crew in educational side, if your PR also good, so chances to be selection for you in high.
      all the best

  23. hi im chatuli.
    wht qualifications r needed to become an air hostess (in srilanka airlines or any other international airline) , for a person who has only done his/her o/ls?
    pls reply….

  24. HI..I’m Shevoni.i ‘ve done French for my a/lz and i’ve done languages for A/ls too.but i have a simple vision problem.if i use contact lences then will it be a problem?.can I apply for this?

  25. Hi sir,,Am 16 years old n i have just finished ma O/L n i finish to follow this course,,so i could lke to know what else qualifications needed??and can i start following it now??Is A\L compulsory?

    1. Hi sir,,Am 17 years old n i have just finished ma O/L n i finish to follow this course,,so i could lke to know what else qualifications needed??and can i start following it now??Is A\L compulsory?

      1. No A/L is not Compulsory, but A/L is good for your future.

        Yes i hope you can joint, pls contact to Mr. Deepal perera on 0777 33 11 50 or Sri Lankan Airline Aviation college.


  26. im 19 years old.i have 9 passes for G.C.E o/l exam with 8 redits including good at speaking in English, French and Japanese. but im doing biolog for a/l exam. i have big problem. what i do ? i want to join cabin crew…but i cannot to think about that,doing my a/l.plzz help me ..what i do about this ? can i join cabin crew? plzz tell me sir..thanks

    1. Dear Shaakya,

      yes you can, pls focus on A/L and finish it than you can joint to this programme.

      for more details pls contact to Mr. Deepal perera on 0777 33 11 50 or Sri Lankan Airline Aviation college.


  27. Hey am 19 yrs old and am doing ma Al’s in English medium.Would I be able to join as an Air hostess in France Air lines.

  28. Hi , i’m ruvini. 19 years old . I would like to be acabin crew member. But i only have o/l qualifications with b pass for English . I did languages for my a/ls but i couldn’t pass my A/ls . So I want to know if I can get the job for sure as a cabin crew member ?

  29. Hello! I’m sheron Christina. I am 17 years old. I would like join to the cabin crew course. I’ve got a credit pass for English. I’m keen on to be an air hostess soon as possible because it is my aim since my childhood so i would like to know is this age allows to do this course or is there any necessary ages to allocate this course??


  30. Hi Mr.Prasanna,
    This is sajith.
    Actually currently i’m working at Hamad International Airport ,Doha Qatar as a Safety officer.
    i have done O/L examination with 1B,3C and 5S including English also.
    But now English very simple for me bcz of expirience.
    So last of this year i hope to back Sri lanka.
    When i back that time can i join for cabin crew course.
    Thanks & best Regards,

    1. Dear Mr. Sajith,

      All the best Sajith, i would advise you to start searching a cabin crew job now itself, rather searching at later part of years…

      because this jobs are calling once in a while and not very often too,


  31. Hi i’m 28yr old & want to know can i do the cabin crew course.and are you helping us to find out a job after complete the course,
    also is it possible to get a job at this age.

  32. hello, im disha im 18 years old, and i would like to be air hostess in qatar airways so can i do the careers in iata if they need GCE O/L maths?

  33. Hi, I’m piyumi. I’m 21 years old. How to apply for IATA GDS- fares and ticketing course in international airline ticketing acadamy. And I want to know after complete this course can i get the job in katunayaka airport. Plz reply

  34. Hi I have Don my A/L exam A2 &B1. Now I following softweare engineer diploma in java institute colombo.l want know can I do some course in your academy.

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