Emirates Airlines plans to use the new Mahinda Rajapaksa International (MRI) Airport Hambantota as a supply airport for their modem A380 flights operating on long haul destinations. The Dubai based airline intends to use the new airport for refilling and accumulating other essentials for their A380 flights.

Airlines to Travel Mahinda Rajapaksa International (MRI) Airport Hambantota (Mattala)

  1. Fly-Dubai
  2. Air Arabia
  3. Sichuan Airlines of China,
  4. Qatar Airways,
  5. Etihad
  6. Emirates
  7. Sri Lankan
  8. Mihin Lanka
  9. Korean Air ( Requested to Touch Down)

The New Airport will be success if it is adopt sufficient travelers and other support services, if not the New Airport will be just a cost to the country and the Airlines which touchdown.

The new approach of Emirates giving a boost to Srilanka Airline industry to manage their position as develop Airline supply stations rather than an international airline cater in future.


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