One of Japan s top private universities, has launched a new English-medium undergraduate program, it’s an opportunity for you to take part to learn Japan learning with your comfortable language.


What I can learn?

As a student of Policy Science, you will acquire basic knowledge of economics, politics, and other social sciences.

You will also learn research methods such as statistical analysis and quantitative/qualitative research, and engage in field studies involving real-life social surveys.

These experiences will help you develop the ability to solve real-life social issues in areas such as economic development, urban planning and sustainability, social welfare and more.


What can I be in the future?

The knowledge and practical skills you acquire in the College of Policy Science are valuable not only in academic research, but also in business and industry.

Possible careers await you in consulting firms, corporate marketing divisions, and many other organizations.


Are scholarships available for international students?

All international students can apply for a scholarship to reduce the cost of tuition. You can also apply for other scholarships after admission.


Where the campus is located?

Ritsumeikan University is located in Kyoto, the heart of Japanese culture and history. Rich in traditions, Kyoto is also a vibrant modern city and home to many institutions of higher education.

The city provides the ideal environment for life as a university student.


You are invites to take part for 2013 September batch, for more information see below image


Ritsumeikan University – English Medium Graduate Programme in Japan

Ritsumeikan University – English Medium Graduate Programme in Japan

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