Be a areoplane Pilot in Sri Lanka – Syllabus and Cost Details attached

To be areoplane Pilot in Sri Lanka, you need to obtain the Private Pilot License in advance to go Commercial Pilot License with Instrument rating.

Here is a basic idea for how to be Private Pilot Lincese Holders in Sri Lanka,

A Private Pilot Licence (PPL) or a Private Pilot Certificate, is a license that permits the holder to act as the pilot of an aircraft. A PPL allows you to fly in day or night under Visual Meteorological conditions with your friends and relatives. A PPL can be considered your first license towards a career in aviation.

Course Contents

Private Pilot License Training is divided into two phases as Ground Training and Flight Training Phases

During the Ground Theory Phase the students undergo a 10 Week Ground Training Program to prepare the candidate to sit for the Technical examinations set by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka. The ground theory conducted by Airline training college is in Part with Civil Aviation Requirements as well as European Standards thereby candidates will have no problem in sitting for conversions anywhere in the World.

The Ground Theory Subjects Include

  • Air Law and Operational Procedures
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Theory of Flight
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Flight Performance, Mass and Balance & Flight Planning
  • Human Performance and Limitation
  • Communication


Method of Delivery

Ground Theory is delivered in many forms and methods to help different students with different standards of learning gain the best knowledge. Primary Method of Delivery includes Classroom Lectures conducted by Civil Aviation Approved Ground and Flight Instructors with years of experience in the industry. Students are also exposed to a series of computer based learning methods and self studies to better improve the student’s knowledge and understanding. The instructors Believes candidates should get a sound knowledge of the other parts of the industry as well to have a deeper understanding and a mutual respect for the other members who make flight possible. Therefore periodically students get the option to visit the Air Traffic Control Centre, Meteorological Service Department and Engineering Facilities to understand the effort that goes to make Aviation a Safe and Interesting Field.

Flight Training Phase

On completion of the ground theory students are transferred to the Flight Training Base either at Katukurunda or Ratmalana to undergo Flight Training. The Flight Training for PPL consists of 45 Hours of Flight Training which includes General Handling, Cross Country Flying, Basic Instrument Flying and Night Flying.

In order to obtain the Private Pilot License students should meet the following requirements stipulated by the Civil Aviation.:

  • At least 40 Hours of total Flying Experience
  • At Least 10 Hours of Flight Experience done as Pilot in Command of which at least
  • 05 Hours of Solo Cross Country Flying should be performed
  • At Least 05 Hours of Basic Instrument Flying
  • At Least 05 Hours of Night Flying if the Night Rating is sought.

The Flight Operations Department of instructors will monitor the student progress and guide the students to make certain the above requirements are met at the end of the 45 Hours Flight Training Course.

Duration of the Course

The Duration for Full Time students will be normally 6 months provided adequate weather conditions are available. Custom Made Programs available for those who are working or studying to suit Your requirements and your schedule.

Cost of the Courses

The Programme will be cost of Rs. 1,475,000.00 for Demotic Students and USD 12,000.00 for International students to learn in Srilanka.

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How to Become Pilot in Sri Lanka

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