Today’s professionals are many, and many of them started off at SLIM. As the sole institute that boasts the patronage of Professor Philip Kotler himself, SLIM today stands as the sole authority in identifying and rewarding the best brands in the country. It is this expertise and experience that our diverse panel of lecturers constantly offer you, ensuring you always stay ahead of the game.

  • The Longest Standing CIM Accredited Study Centre
  • Multiple support sessions
  • Individualized tutoring
  • The lowest course rates

Register for CIM @ SLIM today and grow your Marketing Knowledge gradually. For more information contact SLIM on 072 245 6654 / 072 766 2177 (Colombo) 072 773 2845 / 072 735 4513 (Kandy).

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CIM With SLIM – Register Today

CIM With SLIM – Register Today

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