The Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka announces its May 2013 Examination names of the Prize winners

Level 1 – Foundation Level
First In Order of MeritMiss. Dakshitha, N.K.U.
Second In Order of MeritMiss. Askiya. M. J.F.
 Subject wise Prize winners
MAF / FL 1 – 101Miss. Amarakoon, A.M.S.B.K.
FAF / FL 2 – 102Miss. Nadeeshani, M.W.E.
BMS/FL3- 103Miss. Dakshitha, N.K.U.
MGE/FL4-1Q4Miss. Askiya.M. J.F.,
Miss. Amarakoon, A M.S.B.K.
Miss. Dissanayaka. M.V.I.S.
BEF/FLS-10SMiss. Askrya.M. J.F.
BE 1/SKI-106Miss. Dakshitha. N.K.U.
 Level 2 – Operational level
First in Order of MeritMiss. Amsaleka, C.
Second In Order of MeritMr. Bandara, A.R.S.T.
Subject wise Prize winners
OMA / OH – 201Mr. Bandara, A.R.S.T.
FAR / OL 2 – 202Miss. Amsaleka, C.
OIM/OL3-2Q3Not Awarded
BIT / OL 4 – 204Not Awarded
BE 2 / SK 2 – 20SMiss. Jayaweera. J.P.B P.
ITA / SK 3 – 206Miss. Weerasinghe. T.P
Mr. Bandara, A.R.S.T.
Level 3 – Managerial LevelNot Awarded
Level 4 – Strategic Level
First in Order of Merit:Mr. Irfan. A.
Second in Order of MeritMiss. Sandeepam. W.M.P.T.S.
Subject wise Prize winners
8SP / SL 2 – 402Mr. Irfan. A.
Level 5 – Integrated Case Study
Certificate in Merit
ICS-405Miss. K. Krishnakantha


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CMA Sri Lanka May 2013 Examination Prize List -  Published

CMA Sri Lanka May 2013 Examination Prize List – Published

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