The Governing Board consisting of high ranking banking professionals having reviewed the new skills required for banking and finance businesses in the new economy decided to launch the following new academic programme in Applied Banking and Finance linked to a graduate programme with internship in banks and financial institutions to be introduced towards end of this year. New programme will provide theoretical and practical qualifications.

Intermediate in Applied Banking & Finance (IABF) (Level 1)

Compulsory Subjects

  • Survey of Financial System
  • Commercial Banking
  • Business Accounting
  • Introduction to Banking & Financial Law

Optional Subjects (2 to be passed)

  • Principles of Economics
  • Non-Banking Financial Business
  • Financial Clients Management
  • Business Mathematics & Statistics


Diploma in Applied Banking & Finance (DABF) (Level 2)

Compulsory Subjects

  • Economics of Money & Monetary Policy
  • Financial Management
  • International Trade & Finance
  • Credit Management


Optional Subjects (3 to be passed)

  • Financial Institutions Management
  • Financial Markets Operations
  • Investment Banking
  • Development Finance
  • Central Banking


Banking Courses for whom


  • Employees of Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Graduates and others with Professional Qualifications
  • Company/State Employees
  • Students qualified in A/L or equivalent (foreign)



  • IABF holders
  • CBF holders
  • DBF holders


Member Enrolment

Member enrolment fee:Rs. 4,000
Application deadline:23rd May 2014
Late application deadline :10th June 2014
Annual subscription fee:Rs. 2,000
Subscription deadline:30th June 2014



Date:19th April to mid September 2014
Days:Weekends / Weekdays
Lecture fee for period:
IABF :Rs. 6,000 per subject
DABF:Rs. 7,000 per subject
Application deadline:12th April 2014
Examination:September 2014


Examination Dates and Application forms

Examination fee:
IABF:Rs. 2,500 per subject
DABF:Rs. 3,000 per subject
 Application deadline:10th July 2014
Late application deadline:24th July 2014
Late application fee for each above: 10%


For more details about this programme visit the IBSL website

For further Inquires

Member Enrolment – 0115220330

Classes – 0115741616

Examination – 0115220330

Head Office – No 05, Milepost Avenue, Colombo 03.

College of Banking & Finance -1081, Maradana Rd, Colombo 06.

Or see below image

New Academic Programme in Applied Banking & Finance from Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka

New Academic Programme in Applied Banking & Finance from Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka

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