Cargills Bank

February 28, 2015

The Cargills Bank is one of the banking services from the Cargills Ceylon PLC, offers range of banking services to Srilankan at great manner.


Savings A/C

  • Normal savings accounts
  • Senior citizen savings accounts
  • Business savings accounts
  • Children savings accounts
  • Miscellaneous savings accounts


Current A/C

  • Corporate current accounts
  • Personal current accounts
  • Miscellaneous current accounts


Fixed Deposits

  • Regular fixed deposits
  • Senior citizen fixed deposits
  • Cargills Bank Enhancer



  • Import trade facilities
  • Export trade facilities
  • Bonds and Bank Guarantees


Loans and Advances

  • Cargills Bank Home Loan
  • Cargills Bank Personal Ivan

For more detail contact to Cargill Bank on  011 7 640 000

Cargills Bank

Cargills Bank

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