CCTV cameras in all buses in Sri Lanka (CTB and Private Buses)

The Transport Ministry is making arrangements to set up CCTV cameras in all private buses and Ceylon Transport Board (CTB) buses, Internal Transport Minister stated in news.

At present, the number of complaints received by the ministry and the CTB on inconveniences encountered by passengers inside buses are rapidly increasing. Violence against women, passengers not obtaining balance money, not offering seats to differently-abled persons, pregnant mothers and clergy, etc are some of the complaints.

The Transport Ministry will install CCTV cameras in buses to prevent passengers from encountering problems while using public transport, the minister added. CCTV cameras have been installed in about 1,000 buses and immediate steps will be taken to set them up in all CTB buses and private buses. Setting up CCTV cameras inside buses will support to identify inconveniences faced by passengers and to take action against bus operators, Transport Ministry sources explained

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