Ikman.lk advertisement charges( Ikman.lk No more Free!!!)

Ikman.lk, leading selling portal in Sri Lanka allows you to sell your goods and services at free of charge for last 5 years. And it is well popular in Sri Lanka and ranged as 4th most visited website in Sri Lanka; because of they allow audience to post their classic advertisements for free of charge and many audience view ikman.lk for shopping at lower price.

In past recent month’s ikman.lk start charging for advertisements as below table

Vehicle/Property Ad LKR 1900/-
Service/Business & Industry/Education Ad LKR 900/-
Three wheel Ad LKR 600/-
Local jobs (For One Position) LKR 1000/-
Overseas Jobs (For One Position) LKR 1900/-
Portions & Rooms/Holiday & Short-Term Rental Ad LKR 1900/-


As per our analysis, many of the ikman.lk clients are switching to upcoming second hand selling websites, those who still offers their service for free.

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