Dear Son & Daughter, Bring out the artistic talent within you and be a “Little Picasso”, Children who maintain any of the BOC accounts shown below can enter this competition held to commemorate the 78th Anniversary of Bank of Ceylon.

If you don’t have a BOC account, you can open a new account and enter the art competition. Bank of Ceylon will also contribute Rs.100 to your new account.

The art competition will be conducted under four categories

Category 1 – Pre-school

Category 2 – Grade 1-5

Category 3 – Grade 6 – 9

Category 4 – Grade 10-13

Awards & Winners

1st. 2nd and 3rd winners in each category at national level will receive Rs.100,000/. Rs.75,000/- and Rs.50,000/-respectively, along with a medal and a certificate. 10 merit winners will also be selected.

1st. 2nd and 3rd winners in each category at provincial level will receive Rs.25.000/- Rs.15.000/- and Rs.10.000/- # respectively, along with a certificate. 10 merit winners will also selected.

Cash prizes for the respective schools

1st. 2nd and 3rd winners in each category at notional level will receive valuable cash prices The schools that maintain BOC Savings Units will receive special cash prizes.


hand over your drawing along with your application to your nearest Bank of Ceylon branch on or before the 8th of September 2017


Terms and Conditions

  • Drawings under any topic can be submitted
  • Each child can submit only one drawing for the competition
  • White-mat drawing paper (18″ x 14″)
  • Colours: Pastel / water colours / poster colours (any medium you use must not smear on touch)
  • No borders should be left on the paper
  • An application prepared as per the specimen should be 1 pasted behind the drawing and certified as required
  • The drawing should not be rolled or folded
  • When submitting the drawing for the art competition, the child’s minimum BOC account balance should be Rs.250

For more details, contact the manager of the nearest BOC branch or call 011 220 44 44 or see below image

Bank of Ceylon Little Picasso Art Competition 2017

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