Opportunity to Advertise on Bandaranayke international Airport [BIA]

Srilanka is one of the growing countries in Asian region. And achieve the higher number of tourist and the tourism income.

Place of Advertisement in Departure Units

Srilanka Airport denoted as Colombo Airport or Bandaranayke international Airport [BIA] improves t heir value added services continuously.

I recently went to the departure unit of BIA and found some good opportunity for a businesses and advertisements.

Here is the one Opportunity for advertisement.

Advertisment in Colombo Airport
Advertisment in Colombo Airport

The cost of the Board is Rs. 3.5 Million per annum. The fee is inclusive of all the expenses related.

The company which can maximize the benefit

  • Export Agriculture products.

Such as tea, rubber, coconuts, and so on,            

  • Financial Institutions

Such as banks, financial Bodies and so on,

  • Service Providers

Such as insurance companies, taxi companies,

  • Tourism related companies

Such as hotels, Tourism boards, beach hotels, Air taxis, and so on,

  • Local distributers

Such as vehicle importers, sole agents of imported products and so on.

Cost benefit analysis of Opportunity

As per the Price of Rs. 3.5 Million, The following calculation will show the benefits of it.

Rs.291, 666 per Month,

Rs. 9,589 per Day,

Rs. 399.54 per Hour,

Rs.6.67 per Minutes.

As per cost benefit analysis, the cost per minute is Rs. 6.67 and per hour Rs. 399.54. The Airport will handle minimum of 500 people per minutes in peak time [my assumption]. Therefore if the 25 people see this advertisement the cost spend for the person will be Rs. 0.2668.

This will be a good opportunity for a businessman to take decision and expand their brand name.

Dialog Used the Opportunity

Dialog Advertisment in Airport
Dialog Advertisment in Airport

Today early morning I have been BIA to send my brother, I have seen the place which I talk is utilized by Dialog. It’s a great explores to dialog to advertised there and promote their brand to general Public.

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