Micro Trend Updated Price of Rs. 1,295,000 with VAT

The Micro Holding is one of the best Automobile Manufacturer in Srilanka, and the Micro Trend is one of the best selling Product of Micro Brand and it’s a Basic car with All nesseary features as expected to Srilankan.

After the Tax Increment for the imported vehicles, the demand for the Micro has been gradually increased and the Demand for the basic cars are extremely reach maximums.

The Micro Trend was near competitive car to the Maruti 800 and TATA Nano, where its More specified to Srilankan Road Conditions and Value for Money.

Micro Trend Price

Net Price: Rs. 1,156,250.00
VAT: Rs. 138,750.00
Gross Price: Rs. 1,295,000.00 (With VAT)


Micro MX7 Mark II Geely Specifications and Features

Engine: 1075 cc
Maximum Output: 48/5700 (Kw/rpm)
Transmission: 5 Speed manual Transmission
Steering: Rack & Pinion  with Power Assist
Front: Discs Brake
Rear: Drum Brakes
Body & Seats: 5 Door & 5 Adults
Seating & Interior of Micro Trend
Beige in Colour with walnut Finishing
Centre Placed Cup Holder
Lockable Lower dash glove compartment
Head up display
Tachometer (Rev Counter)
Trip Meter
Temperature & Fuel Gauge
STD Vehicle system check indicators
Power Features
Air Conditioning with Economy Mode
Digital Radio/CD Player
Central Locking System
Power Windows
Rear Defroster
Rear window wiper with washer
14” Alloy Wheels
ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
SRS Air Bag


For More information and Book a Micro Trend call Mr.Dhanushka on 0777 715122

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33 thoughts on “Micro Trend Updated Price of Rs. 1,295,000 with VAT”

  1. Mr.Prasanna if i use leasing fascility what will be the least down payment should i need to pay..monthly installment can ajestabale for any amount and duration..

    1. Dear Dinusha,
      The Down payment will be 20% of the car Value, and the balance you needs to agreed with leasing company.
      Best Regards,

  2. 1)How fuel effecient the Micro Trend is…? One litre how much will it travel

    2)is ita chineese make or italian ?
    3)is its Spare parts availabel in srilanka?

    1. Dear Hiranya,
      1] Fuel usages is about 13 to 15 Km per L,
      2] Engine Feature you have to contact above Number
      3] yes Spare Parts Widely available in Srilanka

      Best Regards,

  3. Is this price after the increasing prices of the vehicle from April 2012 ? can I have another close picture of micro trend please.?

  4. hello!
    I need to bye either Trend or MPV iii junior van. Is this vehicle deisel or petrol. wht r the letest price n which leasing companies dealing with u for the lease to bye vehicles. Also can u provide me the branch of kandy show room’s e mail address.
    Thanks & regards

  5. Thanks Prasanna,
    Actually i am living in Duabi. So pls let me know Dhanushka e mail address to contact via there. Also can u tell me how much is the curent price of the trend n fuel consumption proximately.

  6. I want to buy a micro Trend car with the help of a leasing facility, what are the steps I should follow? what will be the minimum amount I should pay?

  7. m.r. prasanna i want to by an auto trans mission trend car when the new car set will come to show rooms when i can buy the new trend auto transmission car also please send me the new price of trend auto transmission car

    1. Hi Samatha,
      i dont think so Micro produce Trand any more, as per information i got from Micro, they are stopping trend model in long run.


  8. pls pls make TREND. its the best micro car acc to price n facilities.

    cant u see, all are asking for trend, not a Geely!

    hope ull inform ur head. thnx

  9. Hi Prasanna, I planned to buy a Micro Trend car but there were lots of customer complaints regarding after sales service of Micro SL compony in these days. Specially they said Micro doesn’t care low cost cars such as trend and Panda when they went for services or any maintenance job. What you think about this? Further, if you know any Trend Car for around 1M LKR (second hand. Please let me know imdtly)

    1. Hi Kanchann,
      i am outsider from Micro and i do believe their services are not upto the standards and their customer care is less, and again the car prices are low,cause we need to buy a car, we needs to go with them…

      as per my knowledge they stop trend cars in Sri lanka, but i am not sure about the second hand market,


  10. if i use leasing fascility what will be the least down payment should i need to pay..monthly installment can ajestabale for any amount and duration..

    1. the down payment is depend on your budget and some finance company has its basic limits too.
      and the same time the maximum lease time would be 5 years but some companies offer 6 years too.

  11. Hi
    I want to buy micro trend second hand car.but micro company not manufacturing,because how is the micro trend parts situation.
    please help

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