Pizza Hut introduces “The Big Pizza” Just for Rs. 890.00 Only

Pizza Hut’s latest product to make waves amongst pizza fans is the all new Big Pizza. What sets it apart from all other pizzas at Pizza Hut is its delicious new crust, which is hand tossed, to give it a fine crispy, crunchy texture. It comes with a choice of six scrumptious toppings and is incredibly affordable.

The Big Pizza is aimed mainly at youngsters who love pizza and are picky about quality whilst being price conscious. They are people who love to socialise at all times and find any excuse to enjoy the food they love. The advertising claims that the new pizza is Big on Size with 8 slices, Big on Taste with a delicious new crust and Big on Choice with six different yummy toppings. What’s most surprising is that any Big Pizza is priced at Rs. 890 only.

As a customer of Pizza hut you are assured that the freshest and most premium ingredients are used to prepare all products. The Big Pizza is no exception and has a choice of 6 toppings which include Hot and Spicy Chicken, Chicken Hawaiian, Chicken Bacon and Potato, Sausage Delight, Veggie Stravaganza and Tandoori Chicken.Whatever topping you choose, you’ll find The Big Pizza to be extremely cheesy and creamy. Furthermore, this is the first time Pizza Hut has put out a Chicken Bacon and potato pizza for its customers. It is ideal for super hungry pizza lovers with creamy potato strewn with bits of chicken bacon and a thick layer of creamy cheese topped with Mozzarella.

If there are any pizza lovers out there who haven’t tried out The Big Pizza yet, now’s the time to do so. It’s available for dine-in, takeaway, delivery and for online orders. Call 0112 729729,0114 729729 or visit

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