Hero splendor iSmart Motor cycle for Rs. 194,990/- from Abans

Presenting the new Hero Splendor iSmart with i3s technology. The smart way to save fuel, Hero brings to Sri Lanka, the first ever bike with intuitive i3s technology. The new Splendor iSmart automatically switches off the engine when idle and switches it on as soon as you press the clutch. So go ahead, enjoy the company of your smart companion save fuel and the environment.

Hero splendor iSmart Motor cycle –New Features

  • Convenient Power start
  • Advance Techno Graphics
  • APOV Engine with Super Mileage
  • Tubeless Tyres

*Conditions apply

All new Hero splendor iSmart Motor cycle now comes with Rs. 194,990/-

For more details contact to Abans on 0115771000 or see below image

Hero splendor iSmart Motor cycle for Rs. 194,990- from Abans
Hero splendor iSmart Motor cycle for Rs. 194,990- from Abans
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4 thoughts on “Hero splendor iSmart Motor cycle for Rs. 194,990/- from Abans”

  1. Hero i smart bike only does average of 42km per 1 Liter of Patrol that is I have observed about 9 months by now. I used to maintain mileage book so any one want to see can be proved, seller Abans said its 80km per liter at the time of buying hero i smart but they were lying I understood after few months of used. Even after services their is no fuel efficiency in this bike, So please do not buy this bike if you are looking for fuel efficiency.

    1. Thanks for sharing your feedback Manjula, Yes i hope none of the bikes are working more than 60KM per l. if company stated that 80Km per L, it should be some testing with Conditions applied * Mark,
      check it before you buy, and it is always advise to check reviews in youtube

  2. Thank you for sharing ur experience with this bike I was gonna buy this one but now I’m having second thoughts.

  3. Yep that is true. My I smart bike does only 38kmpl. When I told to them they replied me it is a economy bike. If your speed 20-40 (green zone in metere) it does 60kmpl.

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