G.C.E (O/L) 2015 Examination Application Call – Apply on or before 20/06/2015

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Department of Examinations, Sri Lanka invites applications for the G.C.E (O/L) 2015. Applications are called from 20.05.2015 to 20.06.2015 from all the school and private candidates who intend to sit the examination. The Specimen Application Form given here is only for the private candidates.

Every private candidate should read and understand this notice completely and complete the Application Form. A special consideration should be given to write the accurate number when mentioning the town number and subject numbers in the Application.

The relevant application forms have been sent in order to receive by 20.05.2015 to the government schools and approved pirivenas in which the students have sat the G.C.E. (O/L) Examination before. If any school has not received the applications by now such schools should inform the School Examinations Organization Branch immediately.

Only those who have left school can apply as private candidates. Any one applying for this examination as a private candidate while still being in school is illegal. If such an instance is revealed, it will result in being debarred from sitting examinations.  

Private Candidates means Any person not attending any state school, non fee-levying approved school or recognized Pirivena may sit as a private candidate. Applications for this examination will be received from private candidates only up to 20th June 2015. And private candidates should select the town closest to their permanent residence for the examination.

For more detailed rules and regulations and specimen applications are attached below

Click Here to obtain G.C.E (OL) 2015 Examination Application form


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