Honda CB Hornet 160R for Rs. 399,500/- Upwards

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Stafford Motors Co (Pvt) Ltd Brought you a Honda CB Hornet 160R Motor cycle at the price of Rs. 399,500/-

See below the Honda CB Hornet 160R Features

Powerful 163cc HET engine with 15.6 Bhp

Delivers power while providing world class mileage.

Fully digital meter

Clearly displays all the necessary information. Odometer/Trio meter/RPM meter/Fuel indicator/Clock

5-Spoke split alloy wheels with tubeless tyres

Redefines Sporty’ and gives a smoother and hassle free ride

Mono suspension with two coil springs

Keeps your ride stable and comfortable.

X-shaped led tail light

Your sign for those on your tail.

Flexible blinkers

Lesser chance of breakage on impact

Wider rear tyre

Provides stability when taking sharp bends.

Ventilated petal disc brakes with nissin brake calipers

Better heat dissipation to maintain higher braking efficiency.

MF Battery

Maintenance free and no acid leakages.

Viscous filter

Eliminates the need of regular cleaning. Needs to replace only at 16,000km.

Combi brake system with equalizer

For better stability and control when braking


For more details and inspection visit to Stafford Motors Co at Colombo 10 or contact on 07 607 200 or see below image

Honda CB Hornet 160R for Rs. 399,500/- Upwards

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