Kreate Design Singapore Invest 1 Billion in Lotus Tower

Kreate Design (pvt) ltd of Singapore along with global investor are looking forward to invest USD 1 Billion in Lotus Tower in next 3 years. The company mainly focus on full-fledged casino and an entertainment area including water sports. 

The MoU have singed recently in Colombo Sri Lanka, the company have already paid USD 56 Million to Lotus tower management and obtained 50,000 Square feet space from the tower for their project and the company is expected to bring down 1 Million tourist mainly from China, Malaysia and Singapore and other regional countries to visit Sri lanka and Lotus Tower.


Central Bank of Sri Lanka Issues New Coins for Year 2019

Central Bank of Sri Lanka Issues New Coins of Rs. 10, Rs. 5, Rs. 2 and Rs.1 made of stainless steel for the transection from 1st January 2019.

Now you can obtain these coins from any commercial bank branch and can be used for payments amongst other currency notes and coins in circulation.

Reasons for the New Coins

  • Diameter and thickness of the coins are changed to maintain a progressive pattern with the denomination and different edges are incorporated for easy identification by visually impaired people
  • Coins are made of stainless steel which gives more durability than plated coins and light finish gives more portability in a wallet
  • Cost of production has been minimized with usage of stainless steel which is less expensive than other metals and by reducing the size and the weight of coins

For more details about the new coins could be obtains from Currency Department, Central Bank of Sri Lanka, No. 30, Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo 1 or see below ad image

Central Bank of Sri Lanka Issues New Coins for Year 2019

‘Big Bad Wolf’ World Largest Book sale held in Sri Lanka from June 28 to July 8 at SLECC

For the second successive year, the worlds biggest 24-hour book fair ‘Big Bad Wolf’ will take place from June 28 to July 8 at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre {SLECC).

One of Sri Lanka’s foremost recruitment agencies. B-Connected will partner with Big Bad Wolf to assist the staff of different categories to man the mega sale. The agency hopes to attract energetic, friendly and team-spirited people willing to work 12-hour shifts during the event.  B-Connected Managing Director Felicia Adhihetty said they were pleased to partner with Big Bad Wolf this year.

“Those who come aboard with us can expect to have an exciting and educative experience. It calls for a lot of hard work, but will be a rewarding job.” she said. For inquiries contact Priyanthi Nirshanon 0777328123.

Spot fines for motor traffic related offences

The Transport and Civil Aviation Ministry has introduced spot fines for range of motor traffic related offences instead of prosecuting at the court.

The ministry issuing a Gazette Extraordinary has stipulated spot fines Hinging from Rs. 500 -Rs.3,000 for selected offences which previously required the institution and carrying on of legal proceeding in a court of law.


Accordingly, a spot fine of Rs.3,000 has been introduced for offences related to

  1. Non-compliance with speed limits provisions – Rs. 3,000/-
  2. Instructing without an instructor’s License – Rs. 2,000/-
  3. Failure to comply with road rules – Rs. 2,000/-
  4. Failure to obey directions and signals of police officers etc – Rs. 2,000/-
  5. Failure to take precautions when motor vehicle is halted or left unattended or disabled on a road – Rs. 2,000/-
  6. Non-use of seat belts – Rs. 1,000/-
  7. Failure to wear protective helmets when driving – Rs. 1,000/-
  8. Failure to carry a Driving License when driving – Rs. 1,000/-
  9. Excessive emission of smoke – Rs. 1,000/-
  10. Non-compliance with traffic signs – Rs. 1,000/-
  11. Offences related to identification plates – Rs. 1,000/-
  12. Not displaying revenue License on motor vehicles and not producing it when required – Rs. 1,000/-
  13. Use of motor vehicles in contravention of the provisions of revenue License – Rs. 1,000/-
  14. Failure to obtain authorisation to drive emergency service vehicles and public service vehicles – Rs. 1,000/-
  15. Driving a special purpose vehicle without obtaining a license – Rs. 1,000/-
  16. Failure to obtain authorization to drive a vehicle loaded with chemicals – Rs. 1,000/-
  17. Hazardous waste and failure to have a License to drive a specific class vehicles – Rs. 1,000/-
  18. Using inappropriate signals when driving – Rs. 1,000/-
  19. reversing a motor vehicle for a long distance on a road – Rs. 1,000/-
  20. exceeding the number of persons allowed in front seats of motor cars – Rs. 1,000/-
  21. excessive use of noise from a vehicle – Rs. 1,000/-
  22. Riding or permitting to ride on running boards of motor vehicles – Rs. 500/-
  23. Carriage of persons in excess of authorised number in private coaches – Rs. 500/-
  24. Goods other than personal luggage in motor cars or private coaches – Rs. 500/-
  25. Exceeding the number of persons carried in a lorry – Rs. 500/-
  26. Failure to carry the emission certificate or the fitness certificate in the vehicle. – Rs. 500/-

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Sri Lanka’s first pharma zone to open with US$ 10 million investment

I The Stale Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Corporation of Sri Lanka (SPMC) and Pharma Zone (Pvt) Ltd entered into an agreement on January 8, 2018, to build the first ever exclusive pharmaceutical manufacturing zone of Sri Lanka at Welipenna in the Kalutara district with an investment in excess of US $ 10 million.

Pharma Zone (Pvt) Ltd located on 50 acres is a BOI approved company whose principals are the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Ismail Ibni Sultan Iskandar and Patrick Lim Soo Kit, a leading Malaysian entrepreneur.

The Sultan’s investment vehicle, Inti Kemuncak Sdn Bhd is a well-established property development company based in Malaysia focusing on large scale property development in the Asian region. Inti Kemuncak is the innovative developer of major townships and urban regeneration projects including a coronation square, a US S 1.2 billion international class urban mixed development located within the prestigious Ibrahim International Business District (IIBD) in Johor Bahru.

The Pharma Zone will facilitate the local pharmaceutical manufactuers with sufficient land for manufacturing plants and basic infrastructure facilities for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products with a view to achieving the Governments target of localising production of essential pharmaceutical items to a value of US$100 million, thus saving valuable foreign exchange.

Chairman SPMC, Dr. Sayura Samarasundara said that with the completion of the Pharma Zone, envisaged to be in operation within one year, the country’s dependency on imported drugs will soon become a thing of the past.

The zone will be run and administered by Pharma Zone, headed by Patrick Lim Soo Kit, while the SPMC along with the Ministry of Health will set the standards and monitor quality.

Electricity, water, road infrastructure, security, waste water management, etc will all be provided to the companies operating within the zone, and it is the intention of Pharma Zone to attract overseas investors to set up operations within the Zone as well. “We will be marketing Pharma Zone regionally,” said Lim.

With the establishment of Pharma Zone it is hoped that most of Sri Lanka’s drug availability and cost issues will soon come to an end.


2.116 Million Tourist Arrived to Sri Lanka in Year 2017

Tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka reached an all-time high of 2,116,407 in 2017 according to the latest data released by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority.

The arrival figure for 2017 represents a 3.2 growth or 65,595 more arrivals over the preceding year when the figure crossed the 2 million mark for the first time.

The higher number of arrivals has been achieved despite serious set-backs to the tourism industry right throughout 2017. The first setback was the partial closure of the country’s main airport from January to April and then southern half of the country experienced devastating floods that cut off access to many resort areas resulting in adverse international media publicity that had an impact on forward booking.

This was followed by an unprecedented dengue epidemic centered around the commercial capital Colombo that lasted several months which too resulted in negative reports on international media resulting in at least one country issuing a travel advisory based on the

Further flooding and a severe drought in the central and northern parts of the country in the latter part of the year added to the climatic woes suffered by the tourism industry during the year which according to industry sources impacted forward bookings.

According to SLTDA data, arrivals in December grew from 224,791 in 2016 to 244,536 in 2017 reflecting an 8.8 growth rate which augurs well for the winter season ahead.

India continued to be the top source market with 384,628 arrivals (up 7.8%) followed by China with 268,952 (down 1%) and UK 201,879 (up 7.3%). Of the total number of arrivals 2,085,272 reached the country via B1A in Katunayake, 5,491 via MRIA in Mattala, 10,569, via Colombo Harbour, 14,099 via Galle Harbour and 976 via other ports according to statistics from the Department of Immigration and Emigrations.


Establishment of Scheduled Airline Operations for Domestic (Passenger) Air Services based in Sri Lanka – Expressions of Interest Called

National agency for public-private partnership, ministry of finance and mass media in conjuction with ministry of transport and civil aviation, request for expressions of interest (EOI) for Establishment of Scheduled Airline Operations for Domestic (Passenger) Air Services based in Sri Lanka .

Expressions of interest (EOI) are called from local and international business enterprises having required credentials and able to satisfy criteria mentioned below for setting up of scheduled airline operations for domestic (passenger) air services based in Sri Lanka, using the country’s domestic airport network. This initiative is intended to facilitate inland transport of local and foreign tourists to main tourism destinations in Sri Lanka.

The prospective investor shall be in a position to demonstrate the following:

  1. Be a reputed and experienced international, local or joint venture business enterprise, with the latter having Sri Lankan shareholding.
  2. Have adequate financial resources to fulfill actual and potential obligations arising from the proposed operation as per an Operating Plan to be submitted as part of this EOI, particularly during the initial years of the business when demand has to be generated to justify a scheduled service.
  3. Be in a position to mobilize at least two modern turboprop aircraft, having not less than 12 passenger seats and satisfy all the published civil aviation requirements for operation of commercial air services. The aircraft shall hold Type Certificates issued by FAA or EASA.
  4. Hold or be in a position to obtain an Air Operator Certificate issued by Director General of Civil Aviation, Sri Lanka, having satisfied the applicable requirements relating to Organization, Equipment, Personnel, Facilities, Services and Written Procedures published by the Director General of Civil Aviation in SLCAP-4100- “Air Operator Certification Manual”.(Refer Appendix L of SLCAP 4100 “Air Operator Certification Manual” published by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka for details or 0perat0r_certificati0n_manual_3rd_editi0n.pdf).
  5. Ability to hold a comprehensive insurance cover in respect of crew, passenger, baggage and cargo in conformity with the provisions in the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air in keeping with the Montreal Convention of 1999.
  6. Operate daily scheduled passenger flights using Bandaranaike International Airport and Ratmalana Airport as bases to selected local airports and/or a ‘hop-on-hop-off’ service involving multiple airports.
  7. Have demonstrated experience in domestic aviation in Sri Lanka or any other country or ability to procure such experience.

Prospective investors must submit the following information in order to register a qualifying Expression of Interest:

  • Company/consortium information including profile, date and country of incorporation, company address, relevant financial information to establish financial stability, list/details of key individuals – i.e. board members etc.
  • Experience and technical capacity relevant to this EOI.
  • An outline operating plan and terms and conditions required for successful operations. Preferred scheduled service routes and domestic airports and justification for selection.
  • Outline of benefits to tourism and domestic aviation sector from proposed operations.
  • Any other relevant information.

The detailed EOI document can be downloaded from

Expressions of Interests in this respect may be submitted to the Chairman, National Agency for Public Private Partnership on or before 1400 hours on 16th February 2018 under sealed envelope with a heading on top left hand corner “Expressions of Interests for setting up of a domestic scheduled air service”.

Shortlisted parties may then be requested to respond to a detailed Request for Proposals (RFP) currently under preparation.

Further information can be obtained by writing to the National Agency for Public-Private Partnership at the below address or by emailing

The Chairman, National Agency for Public-Private Partnership Ministry of Finance & Mass Media The Secretariat, Colombo 1 +94112484500

Or see below image for more details

Establishment of Scheduled Airline Operations for Domestic (Passenger) Air Services based in Sri Lanka – Expressions of Interest Called

No one can run Cable TV and Direct-To-Home Satellite TV Service without licence

Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka made a Notice to Cable TV and Direct-To-Home Satellite TV Service Providers.

In terms of Section 17 of the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Act No. 25 of 1991 as amended “No person shall operate a telecommunication system in Sri Lanka except under the authority of a licence granted by the Minister on the recommendations of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka”

Every person who operates a Cable TV and Direct-To-Home Satellite TV Service without a valid license shall be guilty of an offence punishable under the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Act.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka intends to carry out physical inspections on the operations of Cable TV and DTH Satellite Services without a valid licence.

For more details contact to Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka on 011-2689345 or see below image

No one can run Cable TV and Direct-To-Home Satellite TV Service without licence

Proposed Colombo LRT (Colombo Metro Service) Plan and Routes

Megapolis and western development ministry announces a their proposed Colombo LRT plans. The proposals to establish seven LRT lines in order to ease traffic congestion in Colombo and the suburbs such as below,

  1. Kollupitiya to Maradana via Bambalapitiya, Boralla and Union Place (14.8km)
  2. Colombo Fort to Peliyagoda via Maradana and Mat-takkuliya (11.5km)
  3. Dematagoda to Bambalapitiya via Borella, Kirulapana and from Havelock town (10km),
  4. Malambe to Colombo Fort via Battaramulla and Borella (15.3km)
  5. Malambe to Kottawa ( 9.6km)
  6. Malambe to Kaduwela (6km)
  7. Peliyagoda to Kadawatha (13km).

The construction work of the project will commence in December next year while it is planned to be completed by 2030.

Once the project is implemented, the traffic of colombo city is expected to reduce.

Loan scheme for electric three wheelers

three-wheeled autos are replaced soon with environmental friendly electric three wheelers under the Enterprise Sri Lanka: Blue Green imitative. Sri Lanka’s 1.5 million three wheeler drivers will get an opportunity to become owners of brand new electric three wheelers under a scheme proposed by Minister Mangala samaraweera’s budget in Parliament on Thursday.

It has proposed to provide loan facilities for leasing electric three wheelers in the ratio of 10:90.

Anyone can purchase electric three wheelers by paying 10 percent of its value up front under this scheme. The government will also take measures to export the used fossil fuel trishaws to needy countries like Bangladesh, as this country has already expressed willingness to import those used trishaws from Sri Lanka.

Further, the green three wheeler service will be made a mode of transport for foreign tourists by providing necessary training for tuk tuk drivers with licence from the Tourist Board.

Although riding in a tuk-luk at present has become more messy than comfortable, this new intiative will make it a convenient trade of transport and brand for a true, Sri Lanka experience with a smile.

Every Sri Lankan child is born with a half-a-million debt – Ministry of Finance

Shocking as it sounds, when this government came to office in 2015, it inherited a Rs. 7.4 trillion debt burden. Today’s accumulated public debt is equivalent to more than 5 times the government’s annual revenue in 2016. To make matters worse, Rs 1.7 trillion in debt service has to be paid next year, which would make it the highest ever debt-repayment in the history of our nation.

These reckless borrowings have burdened us with the responsibility of making debt-servicing payments amounting to 78% of our government’s expected revenue in 2018. This makes it extremely challenging to fund much required investments in infrastructure, health, education, and public goods. Rest assured, this government is committed to investing in the future of all Sri Lankans.

Having taken significant steps in the last two years to get the country back on track, we must harness the immense potential in every Sri Lankan and help them achieve their aspirations. So as a nation, we march on relentlessly towards becoming debt-free and our children can then live in a thriving Sri Lanka they’re proud of.

Every Sri Lankan child is born with a half-a-million debt – Ministry of Finance

Appointing members to the Office on Missing Persons

Under the provisions of the Office on Missing Persons (Establishment, Administration and Discharge of Functions) Act No. 14 of 2016 as amended by Act No. 9 of 2017, applications are called for the appointment to the Office on Missing Persons (OMP) from persons with previous experience in;

  • fact finding or investigation,
  • human rights law,
  • international humanitarian law,
  • humanitarian response,
  • or possess other qualifications relevant to the carrying out of the functions of the OMP.

The applications should be sent along with the curriculum vitae to reach

Acting Secretary General of the Constitutional Council,

Parliament of Sri Lanka,

Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

on or before 06th of November 2017 Published on the order of the Constitutional Council.


Acting Secretary General of the Constitutional Council,

Parliament of Sri Lanka,

Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte.


Appointing members to the Office on Missing Persons

Logo Design Contest for Colombo Light Rail (Metro)

Ministry of Megapolis and western development invites Logo design for Colombo Light Rail Service, the design logo and have the privilege to be a contributor to the revolution in public transportation of Sri Lanka.

Here’s a chance to showcase the artist in you.

The Minisry of Megapolis and Western Development is in need of a logo for the light Rail Transit (LRT) system which is to be implemented from “Malabe” to “Kollupitiya’

The proposed LRT system is a rail based elevated urban public transport system which is intended to enhance the public convenience by offering a high quality, accessible, reliable and an integrated service.


Entry criteria

  • Logo must be an original design
  • Needs to sit beside the word “CLR” (Colombo Light Rail)
  • Hand drawn designs will not be accepted.

Closing date for submission : 8th November 2017 and the winner will be cash reward of Rs. 25,000/-


All the entries will be judged by a panel of representatives of the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development

For more details see below image

Logo Design Contest for Colombo Light Rail (Metro)

Land Prices in Colombo

It has been observed that land prices in Colombo have increase day by day. And the shocking truth that the prices are unimaginable for an ordinary man to buy a house in Colombo now days.

See below table for the update Average Price per Perch in Colombo

Colombo District Number Average Price per Perch
Colombo 1 Rs. 18 Million Upwards
Colombo 2 Rs. 12 Million Upwards
Colombo 3 Rs. 16 Million Upwards
Colombo 4 Rs. 10 Million Upwards
Colombo 5 Rs. 6 Million Upwards
Colombo 6 Rs. 8 Million Upwards
Colombo 7 Rs. 12 Million Upwards
Colombo 8 Rs. 4 Million Upwards
Colombo 9 Rs. 1 Million Upwards
Colombo 10 Rs. 4 Million Upwards
Colombo 11 Rs. 10 Million Upwards
Colombo 12 Rs. 4 Million Upwards
Colombo 13 Rs. 1 Million Upwards
Colombo 14 Rs. 1 Million Upwards
Colombo 15 Rs. 1 Million Upwards


All the Above prices are approximate and the prices are change depend on the location and accessibility

Colombo City & its Traffic – Detail Analysis based on Ministry of Mega polis & Western Development

Ministry of Mega polis & Western Development stated that 1.9 Million passengers enter the Colombo metropolitan region daily from the 7 main corridors as now. This expected to increase by 4.4 Million in 2035. The huge traffic movement will cause delay in speed as 12km per hour speed in 2035 which is 17Km per hour as now.

Therefore the Ministry of Mega polis & Western Development has done projects to manage the traffic and vehicle moments in Colombo City and make it easy movement of traffic with the new road developments and passenger management.

Further the statement stated that 48.1% of passengers using Bus transport to enter Colombo and 17.9% by Motor Cycles and 16.3% by Three Wheelers and 14% by Cars. And the Taxi is only used by 0.3%.

Currently 7 Main Corridors and 4 Non Corridors are used by passengers and in 20.35 passengers will use7 Main Corridors and 5 Non Corridors including Baseline Road.

Therefore it is always advice to public to used public transport such as Buses, Trains to enter Colombo to have a hassle free journey.

Chalmers Graneries Land in Pettah Goes to Mixed Development Project by Urban Development Authority (UDA)

UDA wishes to request proposals from potential bidders in order to undertake mixed development project in a prime land located within the Colombo city. The proposed development should be in line with the UDA guidelines and the selected bidder should eventually enter into a lease agreement for a period of 99 Years with UDA for the leasing of the said land. The based price of the land is Rs. 19 Billion.

The Bidd should be submitted on or before 11th November 2017 upon a payment of non-refundable fee of Rs. 100,000/- and a Bid bond amounting to Rs. 250 Million to be paid in cash or bank guarantee.

For more details contact to Chairman, Cabinet Appointed Procurement Committee, Ministry of Megapolies & Western Development,  18th Floor, Suhurupaya, Sri Subuthipura Road, Battaramulla.


Ratmalana to become third international airport of Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan aviation history will be re written when the Ratmalana airport is converted to an international airport with flights to China via the Maldives.

An official from the Transport and Civil Aviation Ministry said the first flight to the Maldives airport will fly out from Ratmalana operated by maldivian Airlines. It will also offer connections to China, Dhaka, Bangkok and Chennai making Ratmalana the third Sri Lanka airport after Colombo and Mat-tala to offer connections.

maldivian Airlines will operate a 60 seater DS aircraft for this operation. The Airport and Aviation Authority has also looked at the runway and other facilities and have approved the safety standards at the Ratmalana airport.

He said Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva was working to revive the Ratmalana airport and negotions were going on with Maldivan government as well as the Air Force in this regard. He said Maldivian Civil Aviation Minister Moosa Sameer was also in Colombo last month and the final MOU in this regard will be inked. “We have now taken the entire control of the airport from the Air Force and it will a commercial airport now.” He said the second terminal building that was idling is also being refurbished.

New Customs, Immigration counters, new fire engines, aviation fuel filling facilities, medical facilities, cafeterias and all other international facilities will be introduced within the next two weeks. “We would also have facilities for six duty free shops and are keen to offer it to the private sector immediately.’’

The Minister is now negotiating with an Indian government airline and also a private operator to explore the possibility of launching Indian flights to new destinations from Ratmalana.

He said that Ratmalana will also be the only airport in Sri Lanka where a passenger will be able to get a connection to Jaffna via Heli Tours which operates from Ratmalana “This will also entice private operators which already have hangars in Ratmalana to begin their operations with international flights coming in.”

He said that it took less than Rs.10 million to convert Ratmalana from a domestic airport to an international one. “The main aim was to promote tourism and charter flights too will be entertained at Ratmalana.”



Car registrations down by 40%, three wheelers by 50% in 2017

Motor car registrations have come down by 40% on a month and month basis mainly due to drop in financing share of motor cars. The three wheeler segment came down by nearly 50%,according to the JB Securities monthly review.

Implementation of the budget proposal to restrict credit to new cars (50% LTV) and three wheelers (25% LTV) is the primary factor accounting for a plunge in registrations. The full impact of the directive will only be felt this month, the report said. However there have been a surge in Hyundai Eon cars (100% increase)According to JB Securities monthly review in contrast there have been an in increase of used cars, especially Toyota’s and also electric cars are picking up.

There was also a big jump in Hybrid used cars where Axio witnessed a large increase (200+) while there was also an increase in Mini Vans(268% increase) with the biggest mover being Suzuki Every.

“Three wheelers may be a menace on the road but it has been a huge contributor in creating inclusive growth both in terms of being a production asset (taxi) and/or personal vehicle providing mobility to the owner which in turn increases his radius of employment opportunities. ability to work flexible work hours due lo not being reliant on public transport, access to markets.

The segment also saw Bajaj losing market share to TVS,” the J. B. Securities said. The report also says that mini trucks have come down by 20% while the registration for Buses have gone up by 40%.


Calling Applications for the Lease of Wholesale Business Premises in the Dedicated Economic Centre – Kilinochchi

Calling applications for the lease of wholesale business premises in the Dedicated Economic Centre along the Kanagapuram Road in Kilinochchi District. The objectives of the center are to provide a reasonable price to the farmers, create a competitive market place for the vendors and provide a reasonable price for the consumers.

This business premises have the following facilities:

  • 40 No. of shops
  • Parking area
  • Electricity and water connections and toilet facilities

General Free Conditions

  • Priority will be given to the permanent residents of Kilinochchi District.
  • The selected bidders should pay the twelve months rents as non-refundable security bond. (The monthly rent has estimated minimum Rs. 3500 and maximum Rs. 5.500).

Duly Completed sealed applications should be send through registered post, on or before 6th March 2017 address to the Government Agent/ District Secretary, Kilinochchi. On the top left hand corner of the envelope the caption should be clearly marked as Application for Business Premises in Dedicated Economic Center at Kilinochchi.

Suitable business persons will be selected by way of an interview. The dedicated economic center directly comes under the Ministry of Rural Economic Affairs and it’s managed by an appointed Management committee. As the chairmen of the management committee the government agent has the full authority to select or reject any applications.

For more details contact to District Planning Branch on 021 2285760 or see below image

Calling Applications for the Lease of Wholesale Business Premises in the Dedicated Economic Centre - Kilinochchi
Calling Applications for the Lease of Wholesale Business Premises in the Dedicated Economic Centre – Kilinochchi

Foot Operated Water Valves technology for washing

National Engineering Research & Development Centre Of Sri Lanka (NERD Centre) invites manufactured, and developed, and introduced to the market successfully a Water Valve which is foot operated, that is made to happen, using newest and latest Technology, to be utilized very easily and effectively, in order to save the resources of water, whenever using, hand-operated water valves, wasting unnecessarily, our immensely valuable resource of water.

This is a very rare and valuable solution, to save the money expended by using the Hand Operated Water Valves, preventing the Wastages of us hand-operated water valves, which Technology is at the moment used mostly and abundantly, in factories, hostels, boarding houses, restaurant and canteens etc. at present.!!!

Specifications and Special Features of this Foot-Operated Valve:

  • Ability to save 50% of unutilized water when compared to Hand Operated Water Valves.
  • Easy to handle.
  • As it is foot-operated, there is capacity and capability to keep the both hands of the operator free from handling anything by hand.
  • Capable to obtain the quantity of water that is coming through the water valve, with a control and limitedly without any wastage.
  • It is utility equipment with a long period of usability.
  • Minimum number of Maintenance and repairs.

National Engineering Research and Development Centre of Sri Lanka (NERD Centre), envisages, and expects to handover the Manufacturing Technology of this Equipment, to the Interested Industrialists / Manufacturers, who have willingly and definitely shown actual interest, identifying them, and to supply and provide and offer to the local market, to manufacture and to be sold in local market.

(Technology Transfer Fee is Rs. 10,000.00 + Taxes relevant).

Accordingly, if you are interested, in obtaining the manufacturing technology of this valuable equipment of Foot-operated Water Valves, or may show your any interest, in obtaining further details and information, regarding this equipment, please feel free to have an opportunity to call us on Telephone No. 011-2234266 or to send or forward a letter of request by post, or an E-mail, to the address indicated below, including your name, address and contact telepone number .

The Address above referred to:

Director / Techno-Marketing Division,

National Engineering Research and Development Centre of Sri Lanka (NERD Center), No. 2/P, 17/B, Industrial Estate, Ekala, Ja-Ela, Sri Lanka. Tel :011-2236384, 2236284, 2234266. Email:

For more details see below image

Foot Operated Water Valves technology for washing
Foot Operated Water Valves technology for washing

The National Forest Enhancement Strategy – Re-forest Sri Lanka

The main cause of global warming is the release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Due to this, we are experiencing an acceleration in adverse climatic changes Since trees play an important role in our environment by removing harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and by producing oxygen, the most well-tested and cost-effective way of fighting the reality of this potentially catastrophic climate change phenomena is to increase global forest cover.

An initiative of the Forest Department under the auspices of the Ministry of Mahaweli Development & Environment, the National ‘Vana Viru Vaduma’ (Grow-A-Fighter) campaign has been developed based on the decision taken at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) to place forest enhancement at the heart of the global fight against climate change.

How can you be involved in the national initiative to re-Forest Sri Lanka ?

Here is an opportunity for you to partner with the Government of Sri Lanka in increasing our island’s forest cover with the objective of improving sustainable land management; optimising environmental services: conserving biodiversity maintaining economic growth: and minimising risks of natural disasters

The main thrust of the Grow-A-Fighter campaign is to enhance the quality of degraded lands by increasing forest cover. You too can partner with us by any of the following ways

When you plant a tree you become a part of the solution.


1 – Seedling Production

  • The target of the Grow-A-Fighter campaign is to produce and distribute five million seedlings during 2017.
  • All necessary requirements for proper seedling production such as ideal plant species, polythene bags, compost, etc., will be provided by the Forest Department.
  • Information on proper seedling management and suitable tree species can be obtained free of charge from the Forest Department.
  • Set up plant nurseries in schools and local communities as part of the reforestation programme.
  • Well-developed plants will be purchased from you by the Forest Department as well as many other interested parties.


2-Forest creation on your own land

  • Through this scheme, you can convert an idle plot of land into forested land.
  • The Forest Department aims to provide you with a limited number of seedlings free-of-charge for this task.
  • This can either be fruit trees which would provide a regular harvest or a commercially relevant species that is suitable to your geographic location.
  • A limited number of tree saplings can be obtained free of charge from the Forest Department.
  • The Forest Department is also prepared to provide advice on proper forest creation


3- Partnering to reforest state Lands

  • Engage the private sector, other registered entities and citizens of Sri Lanka in restoring degraded forest lands that fall within the purview of the Forest Department and other government agencies.
  • Your organisation or even you as an individual can sponsor such an initiative in a location that has already been ear-marked by the Forest Department.
  • This is also an opportunity for you to positively influence the communities that live around the selected land plot.
  • As a responsible corporate citizen, you also get a tangible opportunity to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint as a partner of this initiative.


For more details contact to conservator of forests – Silviculture and forest Management on 0112 866 627 or see below image

The National Forest Enhancement Strategy – Re-forest Sri Lanka
The National Forest Enhancement Strategy – Re-forest Sri Lanka

Five new towns in Western Province

Minister of Megapolis and Western Development Patali Champika Ranawaka, said five new towns would be added to the Western Province, under the Megapolis plan.

These would be Ragama, Homagama, Horana, Ratmalana and the are Kirimandala Mawatha.

He said each of these towns would have schools, industrial zones, hospitals, government offices, as well as new housing schemes -giving residents easy access to transport and health facilities.

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Upt 60% Discount for Sunday Observer, Silumina & Thinakaran Weekend Papers for Annual Subscription
Upt 60% Discount for Sunday Observer, Silumina & Thinakaran Weekend Papers for Annual Subscription

India to supply locomotives, train sets to Sri Lanka

Indian Railways has got the export order of supplying 10 locomotives and six DMU train sets to Sri Lanka. The total size of the order is INR 700crore.

Rail India Technical and Economic Service (RITES), the subsidiary of Indian railways, which had already been working as a consultant in Sri Lanka has got the order. Indian Railways have already provided locomotives and train sets to Sri Lanka and had also undertaken construction of rail lines in Sri Lanka.


Notice to General Public about Registration for Value Added Tax (VAT) and Nation Building Tax (NBT)

Changes to VAT and NBT laws are implemented with effect from November 01,2016 (unless a specific date is mentioned) as per the Value Added Tax (Amendment) Act No 20 of 2016 and Nation Building Tax (Amendment) Act No 22 of 2016.

Accordingly, any person or partnership whose value of supply/turnover reaches/exceeds the limits stated below and are not registered for the above taxes should register with the Inland Revenue Department and comply with the requirements under such Acts.

Registration Threshold for VAT

  • Aggregated supplies of goods (turnover) from wholesale or retail trade of any person or partnership reaches Rs.12.5 Mn for the first time for the period from 1st November to 31st December of this year or any consecutive three months in a calendar year thereafter.


  • For any other business, if the liable supplies exceed Rs. 3 Mn per quarter or Rs.12 Mn per annum.

Registration Threshold for NBT

  • Any person or partnership whose liable turnover is not less than Rs. 3 Mn per quarter.


The registration for VAT and NBT can be obtained by:

  • Using e-Services available in the IRD Portal or
  • Visiting the Taxpayers Services Unit (TPSU) in the IRD Head Office or any of the below mentioned Regional Offices, by submitting an application form (available In for download) along with the supporting documents.

It is to be noted that registrations for all taxes (VAT & NBT) including TIN can be applied at once.

For further clarification, please contact IRD Call Centre by Dialing 1944 or see below image

Notice to General Public about Registration for Value Added Tax (VAT) and Nation Building Tax (NBT)
Notice to General Public about Registration for Value Added Tax (VAT) and Nation Building Tax (NBT)

Container Terminal for Trinco Port

Prime Minister stated that the Trincomalee harbour will be developed to international level with a container terminal at the second International Colombo Maritime Conference at the Galadari Hotel. he said that the proposed North Eastern port of Trincomalee will be developed under a plan from Singapore’s Surbana Jurong.

The Prime Minister said that they will talk to India and Japan seek assistance to develop the Trincomalee Port to international standard as a public-private partnership based model with Sri Lanka Ports Authority as the regulator would be formulated. “When completed it will be able to serve the region including India, Bangladesh and Myanmar.”

He also said will support India’s ‘Sagarmala’ program of building ports around the country and will use para diplomacy to build stronger links with key Southern Indian state. “Joining the Sagarmala is an advantage for us, not a disadvantage”.

Southern Indian states and Sri Lanka could form a 500 billion dollar economy, he said. Shipping Minister said that having a partner from the Indian subcontinent would be a plus point. Sri Lanka also wanted a shipping line to be an investor, who would take over the East Terminal to bring in new volumes and prevent cannibalizing of existing traffic.

Colombo North Port terminals will be built within the next 10 years, providing another 10 million TEUs in capacity.


Ceylon Electricity Board Automated Bill Payment Machine

Ceylon Electricity Board – Western Province North has introduced 5 automated bill payment machines in Gampaha, Ja-Ela, Negombo, Veyangoda & Divulapitiya.

Below Facilities are available for customers:

  • Bill payment of any CEB accounts in the country.
  • Ability to enter 50 Notes at a lime (maximum single payment is limited to Rs. 50,000/-)

The Automated Bill Payment Machines, round the clock (24 hours) from 01st of November 2016 Now we serve you 24 hours on all 7 days,

For more detail see below image or contact to Deputy General Manager on 0114 321 252 / 0112 906963 / 0115 988988

Ceylon Electricity Board Automated Bill Payment Machine
Ceylon Electricity Board Automated Bill Payment Machine
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