Basic Chess

Chess is played in squares board with 8 rows and 8 columns, making 64 squares. There is always two players: one black and one weight. It’s initiated by the Indian kings. Earlier called as “sathurangam”. Mostly this game is played by king and top level people in kingdom. The percent game is emerged in 15th century by Europe.

Each player holding 16 pieces such as,

One king,

One queen,

Two rooks,

Two knights,

Two bishops,

And eight pawns.

The ultimate objective of this game is checkmate the opposition’s king, when the king faces immediate attack its call Check on the next move they should remove or defend from the attack.

The board is always arranging as the image describe. Both queens start on squares of their own color and king start on the opposite color.

The Pawns

The pawn is the weakest piece in this games and each player gets eight pawns. A pawn can move only one square straight forward, but the first move it can move two square forward. Some times pawns unable to move if any other pawns blocked [its can be either friendly or enemy].

The pawns can move diagonally if square occupied by enemy’s pawns.

The knight

The night mostly calls as horse. Each player get 2 knights.

Its can move one square horizontally or vertically and then one square diagonally from its original position. And the knight can jump over another piece either friend or enemy.

The Bishop

The bishops are the 3rd powered pieces in the game.

Each player gets two bishops. The bishops can move as far as its diagonal line. But bishop can’t jump over anther piece. And especially each bishop spends his whole life in the same color as it belongs.

The Rook

The rook is a 2ed powered pieces in the game and it look like a tower. Each player will get 2 rooks.

Rooks also move like bishop but rooks move in a straight vertical or horizontal. As same as bishop it can’t jump over the pieces. And it should stop before friendly pieces or square of enemy’s captured.

The Queen

The queen is a strongest piece in the game. And each player gets one queen. The queen can move like bishop and rook combined [in horizontal or vertical or diagonal]. And queen also can’t jump over another piece.

The King

The king is most important piece in the game. And each player gets one king.

King doesn’t have power like Queen, Bishop or Rook. But king is determining the final result of game. King can move one square in any direction.


If a player manages to threaten other players king will capture is call check. Its mean in next move enemy’s king will be capture. Once the check position is announce the enemy player should take immediate action to safe their king.

3 solutions are to do, if check announced.

1.      Moving king to safe square,

2.      Capturing the threating piece,

3.      Getting friendly 3rd piece in to threating piece’s way.


If one player manages to check other’s king. And the enemy’s king can’t be moveable than its call checkmate [end of the game].

The primary objective the chess game is to checkmate. But capturing pieces is only for made easy to capture enemy’s king.


This position is where the player is not made check but the other player can’t move without exposing the king capture. So game comes to end as tie.

Basic Rules

Pawn Promotion

If the pawn ends up to enemy’s side, the pawn can promote as Knight, Bishop, Rook or Queen. In most of the time everyone promote as queen.


The castling is used to safe the king in beginning. Its follow some rules,

1.      Square between king and rook is empty,

2.      King or rook not move yet,

3.      No enemy pieces threating to king.

Castle can carryout by moving king towards to the rook. Than rook also move other side of king by one square. This is a best defensive position to king.

En Passant

This is rule mostly not use. Because it’s applicable only if following situation arise only,

When other player moves to pawn 2 square forward [ 1st move], the passes over a square where the enemy pawn could cut if its move one square forward. Than that pawn can capture by moving pawn by diagonally.

Some player is not use this because its no sense behind it.

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