How to get Birth Certificate Copy in Sri Lanka

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If you are born in Sri Lanka and lost your birth certificate, now you can get a copy of birth certificate at a nominal fee of Rs. 100/- from divisional secretariat.


How to get How to get Birth Certificate Copy in Sri Lanka – Step by step

1] Obtain an application from the divisional secretariat relevant to the area where the birth is registered and the application will issue for Free of Charge.


2] Filled Application should submitted to the relevant divisional secretariat along with the payment of Rs. 100/- or Rs. 200/- depending on the service you required.

Rs.100/- Service – If you have a date of Birth Registration or the No of the entry made in Birth Certificate, you can get it easily with the payment of Rs. 100/- for one copy of birth certificate

Rs. 200/- will charge if you can’t recall the date of birth registration or the no of the entry in Birth Certificate. And you given a search period not exceeding to 2 years.



if you wanted to obtain personally, you can check with the official referring to the given reference number with divisional secretariat. Or you can obtain the birth certificate by post submitting a self address stamped envelop along with an application.

For more details about how to obtain a copy of birth certificate, you can check with Organization Information at Department of Registrar General on +94-11-2889488 / +94-11-2889489.

Click Here for Copy of Application Form

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