Bharti Airtel Lanka is in a position to failure as per my personal point of view,

Airtel Promotions in Jaffna.

Airtel Promotions in Jaffna.

The reasons I founded in Srilanka Bharti Airtel Head office and Pettah Outlet

  • Lack of Staff Commitment of the service,

Staffs in the customer care and the front line not efficient as the service provided in Dialog service. It’s because of lack of the knowledge or unwillingness of service

  • Staff Personal Behaviors with Customers

The Staffs are more likely to having a inter communication with staffs than the customers or clients.

  • Lack of Discipline

The staffs are more preferably likely to wear their own was of dressing than the process.

Specially the Pettah Branch staffs having their Lunch on their Front line desk [my personal Observation].

  • Higher Waiting time

The noon time there is a higher waiting time to meet the front line staffs helps; today I wait for a 1 hour to get the service from front line staffs with unsatisfied service.

Its hope the Bharti Airtel will be close their Srilankan venture soon, finally I am end up with dialog again,

 as Know devil [Dialog] is better than Unknown [Airtel].

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