How to Pass Exams

December 7, 2010

This is a most of the student questions. Whenever the students are facing exams, they want to know how I can pass this exam.

Most of the examiners are answering this question each and every Paper Reviews, their recommendation is

“Answer the Question ask”

When a student sees this answer from the examiners, student feels their examiners are playing fool with them, but the real case is that’s the obvious answer for how to pass the exams.

Student’s common mistakes in reading questions

  • Read the question without understanding,
  • Read the question based on their know knowledge basis
  • Not to understand how many Sub question in the questions,

Therefore students are always instruct to do the following methods to pass their exams,

  • Read Question Carefully
  • Understand the Question with their Syllabus area.
  • Identifies how may Sub Questions are available in Each questions,
  • Analysis how many marks are allocated for each Sub questions,
  • Identifying the time Allocation for each sub questions,

Most of the Students made mistakes on Understanding the question request by Examiners. Therefore each student has responsibility to understand the differentiation of key Words of the Questions.

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