The pass or the failure is depending on the answer of the questions; to understanding the question is necessary to understand the question,

Therefore it’s important to understand the key word or Critical words using in question paper ,

Here are some examples,

  • List

If a question asks to list down the benefits of ERP, the student should list the Benefits of ERP. In this question, Definition of ERP is not needed. Only marks will provided for listing the points.

  • State

When question has key word of State, the student should clearly explain the requirements and the facts to supporting to their points.

  • Define

This is where students need to define the words what require by examiner marks allocated only for defining.

  • Distinguish

The student needs to highlights the difference as their requirement. Point outs of the clear differentiation bring marks.

  • Explain

Student needs to provide clear meanings of their requirements,

  • Identifies

This is where students need to recognized or identified the necessary information from the case give,

  • Illustrate

This is where students ask to explain their points with the real case examples,

  • Apply

Students need to be using the practical situation to answer these questions, specially applying theories to Practical situation.

  • Calculate

Requesting to mathematical calculations,

  • Demonstrate

Students requires to provides a practical meanings or practical applications on that,

  • Prepare

Students ask use the given approaches in questions,

  • Solve

Student asks to find an answer for it; marks are base on their arguments,

  • Analysis

Examining the given details of given information,

  • Categories

Students asked to explain the divisions or classifications of it,

  • Compare and Contrast

Students are ask to show similarities and differentiations of its,

  • Construct

To building up the arguments,

  • Discuss

Detail arguments of the given information,

  • Interpret

Explain in familiar terms,

  • Priorities

Answering in order, placing the orders in the answers,

  • Produce

Create Arguments,

  • Advise

Students ask to counsel based on give case,

  • Evaluate

Making discussion and recommendations

  • Recommend

Students ask to give a recommendation for the give case or the problems.

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