Every Indian Know the real meaning of Dream, after the Dr. Abdul Kalam took oath as Indian President.
Abdul Kalam asked every Indians to Dreams. The meaning of this dreams are too different from whom having usual dreams in night.

Meaning of Abdul Kalam’s Dream

Dr.Abdul Kalam is Overall motivators to India and Indian. And most of the Indian Youths accepts him as a real role model to their personal achievements.

Dr.Abdul Kalam asked youths to dream to develop India by year of 2020. His motivational specks are lets all the Indian to be think and growing by rapidly within 2020.

Dr.Abdul Kalam 2020 Objectives

  1. Be developing India as developed nation.
  2. Higher youth motivation and self businesses.
  3. Achieving the Absolute technology developments
  4. Higher Processing of Foods and Agricultures.
  5. Development in chemical industries and Biological wealth.
  6. Manufacturing for future developments.
  7. Achieving highest public services and public satisfactions
  8. New strategies implementation for industry developments.
  9. Health care for all.
  10. Enabling the infrastructures
  11. Realizing the visions.
  12. And so on…

Dr.Abdul Kalam well explains his India’s Strengths and weakness in his publication of ‘India 2020’.

Abdul Kalam and Indian Business development of India

While Dr.Abdul Kalam is participated in ISRO, DRDO, IGMDP and Defense scientist, and he looking forward the industrial development in India will help to achieve India to be developed country in 2020.

His personal advise to the youth is learn and understand a small own businesses. It can be small or big, contribute to the nation by doing your own business.

And he refuses to say India having high unemployment in it, but he says all the youths should start their own businesses and teach others also how to do business and expand their businesses. This will be one of pillar of India to develop in 2020.

My Personal View of India and Dr.Abdul Kalam 2020

I personally believe India used the Dr.Abdul Kalam as much as possible. In commonly there will be a few genius will be born in earth in every 1000 years. Dr.Abdul Kalam will be one of them. The Indian duty is to respect him learn maximum from him.

As a non Indian I believe Dr.Abdul Kalam as my role model and I want to meet him once in my life. His “Wings of Fire” Change my life style and my focus in life very well…

All the credits should goes to Dr.Abdul Kalam.

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