KIK Cola

KIK Cola


The KIK Cola is one of the elephant house cola range recently introduced to Srilankan market. Currently KIK cola may be in position of 3rd or 4th in Cola market.

Currently Elephant house is the leaders of the soft drinks markets, and currently they focus on the KIK cola to be leader in cola ranges in Srilanka.

KIK Cola taste on my View

Unfortunately I don’t like cola products, even if u drink I feel hesitate while drink that. Recently I had a chance to drink KIK cola and see the taste. I felt the taste is pretty same as Pepsi cola and sweetness too.

But Coca-Cola is a unique taste which only cola taste than the sweetness with cola.

But I hope the KIK Cola will reach market leader, if they change following strategies,

  • Reduce sweetness and maintain cola taste.
  • New bottle design and price strategy
  • Benchmark the Coca cola and Pepsi to develop the great taste.
  •  Identifying new market opportunity in foreign countries
  • Improve distribution channels locally and internationally
  • Continue the youthful advertisements
  • Sponsors for youth meetings and fast food restaurants
  • Improve sales promotion

Whatever it is KIK Cola will success because of cost benefit analysis.

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  • Ryazath says:

    i copletely agree with you and my concern is their cola recipe, its kind of weird and the original cola taste is not in it and they should carry on some product development and research and also they should carry out some market research more oftenly so that they can position themselves or else they can design a pop up survey to be filled by the visitors visiting
    Hope Elephant House gets to know more about the views and suggestion of the consumers and equally be market oriented.

    • prasanna says:

      Hi Ryazath,
      I appreciate your reply,
      Hope the Elephant house will take some popup or Product development to develop the KIK Cola Products.
      But this is a good position to KIK Cola to develop their aroma into the coca cola level.

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