Recently I faced a new experience with Indian Visa proceeding in Srilanka, such as the Application forms should be filled in Online and takes those printouts and hand it over to Indian Visa proceeding center in Sri Lanka.

I couldn’t find the online facilities in near to the office, therefore I force to go Salaka and fill up the Applications form,

While I asked the front office staff in Salaka internet café, they inform me that’s we have to pay for Prints out only, not for Application filling Chagres. Therefore I feel it’s a good deal, which may not spend much in,

And they asked to take the Visa photos there itself, therefore I did,

So in the Salaka in spend overall,

Visa Application form Prints out6 PagesRs.20.00 eachLKR 120.00
Visa photos in 15 Minutes  LKR 550.00
Totally  LKR 670.00


But after I went to India Visa proceeding center I got to know that only 2 pages are important in the printouts(6 Pages) which we taken in Salaka. But till today morning I felt that is ok, because the Salaka staffs may not know the process,

Today morning my dad says me that the Photos for Visa can be taken in Visa proceeding center for LKR.150 in 15 minutes.

That’s mean I have to spend only

Visa Application form Prints out2 PagesRs.20.00 eachLKR 40.00
Visa photos in 15 Minutes  LKR 150.00
Totally   LKR 190.00


Which Salaka is over charging from me almost Rs.480

I am also management student, I know how to do the business, but I feel unfair in paying Rs.480 per person (which is unethical business).

As per my observation there were 100 people may fill the forms for the day, its mean Salaka earn Rs 48,000 per unethically.

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