The Lotus Tower Colombo, Srilanka becomes one of the landmarks of Srilanka in 30 Months times, all the srilankan will proudly says South Asia’s First Tallest Tower is in Colombo Srilanka.

The Lotus Tower Colombo Srilanka will be Multi functional purpose with core objectives of Telecommunication needs and the entertainments in Colombo. The Tower Colombo, Srilanka contractions are expected to start on 20th January 2012 with the expected completions in 30 months.

The Lotus Tower Colombo, Srilanka will be USD 100 Million investments to obtain 350 meters Height at the Beira Lake water Front in Colombo. The Lotus Tower Colombo, Srilanka will occupy with 50 Separate Broadcasting and Telecasting services, 20 service providers in Telecommunication and defense signals and telecommunication museums, restaurants, exhibition spaces and many more.

Lets proudly says srilanka is growing and achieving position of wonder of Asia

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