Sothern Express Highway  Srilanka

Sothern Express Highway Srilanka

The Southern Express Highway is one of the Highly invested Highway project in Srilanka has harvesting benefits these days.

The Srilanka Government has earn over Rs. 151 Million over two month of Operations, the Project was invested on USD 700 Million ( Rs.78,900 Million), where it has start repay of the projects accumulate.

As per the repayment approach of the Express highway, it needs approximately 87 years to repay investment to recover without any inflationary effects.


Cost of the Project:USD 700.00
Cost of the Project:Rs. 78,900Million
Aprox Exchange:USD 1 = Rs. 114.00
Earning per Month:Rs. 75.50 Million (151 per 2 Months)
Number of months to repay:1045 Months
Number of Years:87 years


Benefits of Express highway project

  • Time saving
  • Improvement of infrastructure
  • More attractive to Srilanka as high lifestyle country
  • Improve the foreign investments
  • Improve the indirect services and related business

Even projects taken 87 years of repayment, these express highways are necessary to srilanka to develop country to take another level of expansions. Therefore these will be a one generation commitments to succeed the country to take forward to have developed country in South Asian Country.

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